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The Truth about change #TuesdayTruth

Personally change is something, I dont really like. I am a creature of habit and like knowing where I am going and what I am doing. Basically I like to be in charge of my own life and the decisions I make. Being or trying to be organised is something I love but alas sometimes the Universe just takes over.
My greatest change came when I finished my studies , I had plans to go overseas and teach. But what you must know is that prior to all this , I had lived at home ,never needed to look after myself so basically I was a spoilt brat. The Universe had other plans and changed my direction which lead me to a small little town in Kwazulu Natal called Ixopo. It was here I worked at a Boarding School were the famous author Alan Paton was once the Headteacher at.  This new change meant living away from home for the first time. It was here that I learnt to become some what independant and to fend for myself. Living away from home was very difficult and I would only come down alternate weekends. What I did not know at this point in my life , was that  Universe was preparing me for bigger changes.
It was at the end of that school year , when I left to London and that change brought a million new changes. In the beginning I was homesick and missed having the luxury of home and all the things I needed at my beck and call. Later as the years passed , I realised it was there in London that I grew up. My life had changed dramatically and I was looking after me and had to deal with the decisions I made. At this point I was only seeing my family once a year and I learned to cope. Everything was my choice from the job offers I took ,the guys I dated and yes the clothes I bought. Some of the changes I took too very quickly but some I struggled with. I looked back at my stint in Ixopo and realised that the Universe was at that point preparing me for all the life changes I would encounter in the future.
If I had not taken the chance on that first job my life would be way different. I was a young 22 year old with grand dreams of travelling the world and teaching abroad but none of those dreams would have become a reality if I didnt take a chance.
So today my #TuesdayTruth is about change and why it is vital for us so that we can achieve our dreams. I am sure many of you are like me and  afraid to take a chance but I promise you that your new life journey starts with just one step. We need to move,grow and embrace the changes life presents us because all in good time the reasons will appear and make sense. We all have dreams of where we see our lives but how many of us are willing to take a chance and make a change to our lives. I often see people complain about their lives and situations but do nothing to change instead wait for a hero to save the day.
We are our own SuperHeroes and it is up to us to make the necessary changes and adjustments for the life that we want. Each day I learn that there is so much more I need to learn and do. I refuse to give up. My strong sense of willpower comes from all the changes I have experienced and the knowledge that I can do it and cope with it.
Yes change is scary and I would be lying if I said it is not. Many of us are afraid of new things,the outcomes of change and the fact that we are not in control.But change is needed so that we can achieve our goals and dreams. And in order for us to achieve what we want we need take a chance.
Today , I would love you all to write a list of 5 things that you want in your life. No I am not talking about material things but things like a new job, healthy body and a partner. Next to each point I want you to list how can you achieve that goal and what do you need to change to get it.
I have a list already in my head that I am working on and I am slowly but surely getting where I want to be. There are certain aspects of my lists that are looking very positive and then some need to be relooked at.
Do you embrace change ? What were some of the biggest changes you experienced in your life?
Be Inspired !
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22 thoughts on “The Truth about change #TuesdayTruth

  1. Agree with you! Change is necessary…in fact, essential to our growth. And it’s wonderful to know that although scary you’ve embraced it. Keep going!

  2. Hello Verushka,
    It is always interesting to find out about the person behind a blog, so I really enjoyed reading this. Change, for me, has always been good. I find it hard to do but, something higher has always driven me. Like you, I left my own country when I was very young. At 19, I emigrated to Canada from the UK, leaving my family behind. I was newly married to my English husband. I cried all the way to the airport in the taxi! I cried as the plane took off too. But something higher was pushing me to go. By the time I was 21 I was divorced. At 23, I married a Canadian. I did come back to live in the UK after 10 years but I returned with two beautiful babies that I would not have had if I’d stayed here. Now, I have three gorgeous grandsons from them. If I had not got on that plane and gone, there are five people who would never have existed – that blows my mind!

    1. Wow leaving home so young.But like you said life would have been so different if you had not.I tend to write most of my posts about me and my life.Thank you for sharing and reading my blog x

  3. Wonderful! And thank you for sharing your experience. Today i am writing on Seneca’s quotes: Luck is where preparedness and opportunity intersect. Ixopo prepared you for the opportunities ahead in London. Much love, Suzanne

  4. Weirdly enough I like change, but I guess that’s because I was raised in an ever changing lifestyle.
    Right now there is 1 big change I want but cannot achieve, which is to destroy the cancer in me, but apart from treatment I can’t really do anything.

    1. Thank you for sharing and reading.A positive mindset ,meditation and healthy eating are changes you can do to achieve what you want.Sending you love,light and healing x

  5. Amazing article 🙂 My biggest change was relocating from the Czech republic to Ireland. I cant stand too much of rules and doing the same habits so I love to change my routine quite often. It is always refreshing.

  6. Hi there Verushka
    I love change. Big changes, small changes. I embrace them!
    I have often been known to move furniture around, rearrange the kitchen and reorganise my clothes. Even though these are not the life changing alterations you mention in your blog, they make a difference to how I experience my world.
    What would the world be without change, stagnant, dull and boring.
    Bring it on, I say!

    1. Change is good and often much needed to get us out of the rut. Changing furniture around is interesting gives a different view much like life.Thanks for reading.x

  7. I like to think I like change; that it’s some grand adventure that I need to go on. However, if I’m honest I only want change in areas of my life that are not working out so well and I want that change to come with as little ‘change’ as possible 🙂

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