A simple & quick vegetarian meal

During the month of Purtassi, one tends to run out of ideas for Vegetarian meals.As I child,mum always cooked vegetable curries and it made the month long fast even longer.Besides longer it became so boring. Since I have started cooking and reading recipe books, I am always keen to experiment and try out new dishes.I love fusion cooking and bring…

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The Art of Making Salad your Friend

I work in an environment that is rather difficult to get something to eat for lunch.The only things I can buy are chips fried or packets of chips.No healthy and nutritious options.I have learnt in my healthy lifestyle journey to always take a packed lunch with me and always pack more than I need just incase. Over the last few…

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Purtassi Diaries 2015

For some reason this year more than others,I have looked forward to this beautiful month of prayer and fasting.I guess as one gets old we realise what brings us comfort and strenght and often it is religion and prayer.The last few years have been filled with so many tough lessons and blessings. Every religion has periods where their followers fast…

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Transform your blog in 7 days #Review

About two years ago, I “met” Imka Webb (Bester) on Twitter.Like me Imka is a blogger.We got to know each other over time especially during the #BandwagonBox time.I even wrote a guest blog post on her blog.So a few weeks ago when Imka spoke online about her “Secret Project”, I was pretty keen to know what it was. In due…

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Namaste ….October 2015

And just like that we are heading into a new month and just 3 months remain of 2015.I sometimes think wait wasnt it just 2014.But I guess it is true what they say ” Time flies when you are having fun!” 2015 in general has been a super busy year in so many ways.From weddings to events to parties to…

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