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Month: November 2015

To marinade or not to marinade

In most cooking from around the world, meat is coated in a marinade and left overnight to allow the flavours to infuse. This process includes various ingredients and times. Marinades have several functions besides just...

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Life Lately ….#NovemberEdition

My body clock is rather strange and messed up due to many reasons. The first  would be my ever changing work times and the second my over active brain. Current situation is Saturday morning in bed with a cup of tea blogging...

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Desert Adventures #InAbuDhabi

The Desert is a place of beauty and mystery. On my 1st day in Abu Dhabi we were whisked off on our Desert Adventure. We were picked up by our friendly driver in a 4×4 before we headed off into the sand dunes. The Arabian...

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Kerala Blog Express 2016

A few days ago a South African blogger , tagged me in a tweet with Kerala Tourism. Having just returned from my Media Trip to Abu Dhabi this caught my attention rather instantly. Being of Indian roots and having never set foot...

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