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Aloha December

With what seems like a blink of an eye we are already into the last month of 2015. It feels just like yesterday I started writing 2015 and now I need to change to 2016.
November was an exciting month filled lots of wonderful memories and experiences. Actually come to think of it each month of 2015 has been filled with some sort of wonderful. I knew 2015 was going to be a good year but I did not in my wildest dreams expect half of what actually happened. November saw me head of on my Desert Adventure to Abu Dhabi on what was my first Travel Media trip. This experience left me gobsmacked on so many levels and I will be sharing more of my trip on  my #TravelThursday section.
Aloha December
Without further delay let us welcome December….
Aloha December…
Hard to believe you are here already ! December is the fun season and the month filled with family and lots of eating and partying. I am looking forward to the time off from my day job so that I can spend time on my blog. With just 2 more weeks of “work” left I am eagerly awaiting getting into the December mood and spirit. December means I get the chance to do all the things I love to do without the restriction of work.
So Darling December ,you have rather big shoes to fill. Your beautiful sisters before you have filled the last 11 months of my life with so many wonderful experiences and not forgetting some important lessons along the way. I am sure you will not disappoint me and you will defo live up to all expectations and then some more.
Wishing you and your loved ones a Blessed Festive season. Be safe and make a lifetime of memories. What are you looking forward to doing this Holiday?
Be Inspired !
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