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15 of 2015

Boy oh Boy ! 2015 has been a year filled with all sorts of highs and lows. Like we say in my Indian culture a year of bittersweet. Last night while online, I came across a rather fun and interesting post by Meg a South African Blogger ( It was a selection of 25 questions kinda a snapshot of 2015. Thank you Meg for sharing.

  1. What did you do in 2015 that you have never done before ?

I attended for the first time not one but 5 Bridal Showers. I even planned 2/5. It was a busy year of weddings and functions.
2. Did you keep your New Year Resolutions  and will you make any for 2016?
My resolutions included looking after myself and focusing on my blog and building my brand.
I did spend a lot of time on my blog and my hard work has started to slowly pay off. In 2016 I intend to continue building the SpiceGoddess Brand and focus on getting paid work.
Looking after me , well this was a tough one as I did try my best. Holding a full-time day job and running a blog can put a strain on your health and it did in my case. I had caught the common cold several times as my immune system was rather low and I was not getting enough sleep. In 2016 I hope to be more organised ,take my multivitamins and not to be stressed by things that are beyond my control.
3. How will you spend NYE ?
My Dad passed away on the 1st January 2012. Ever since then NYE and New Years Day is filled with sadness and prayer. NYE will never be the same again.
Since 2011 , I have not celebrated NYE. My plans generally include watching the movie New Years Eve which is rather ironic as I had watched the movie in 2011. Not realising how my NYE would be from then on. Early dinner followed by reading and going to bed before midnight. This is the time I use to reflect on my year and the loss of my Dad.
Normally at midnight , we as a family traditionally would get up and pray and welcome in the New Year and have something sweet to eat. But now we do not do this anymore. We each mourn the loss of my Dad privately and how our lives have changed.
I hope and pray that someday ,I am able to give my family a good memory for NYE.
4. What countries did you visit ?
Mauritius in March for my brother’s wedding which was a small intimate wedding not one of them big fat Indian weddings. The reason my brother picked this destination was because my parents had gone there on their Honeymoon 40 years ago.
I was rather fortunate in November to be invited on a Media Trip to Abu Dhabi  with four other journalists. This trip was beyond amazing and yes I still have lots to share on my blog.
Abu Dhabi Clothing packed
5. What would you like to do in 2016 that you did not in 2015 ?
I would love to be a tourist in my own country and explore the beauty that is South Africa.
I will be conquering my fear of driving and JUST DRIVE.
6. Biggest Achievement of the year ?
Working with some rather amazing brands like Lenovo, Intel ,Inglot ,Captiv8 and Tourism & Cultural Authority Abu Dhabi. Each of these brands have motivated me and believed in my work as a Blogger. And I thank them for the support and spoils always!
And I became a Brand Ambassador for Mangwanani African Spa. This is rather awesome as I get to work with and promote a great South African Brand.
mangwanani 2
7. Did you suffer from illness or injury in 2015?
I had several bouts of the common cold this year but next year I will listen to my mum and not only take my Vitamins but get a Flu jab. A lot of my illness was also stress related and caused by me neglecting other aspects of my life. So in 2016 I aim to get enough sleep, eat breakfast ,cut down on coffee and stop stressing about things I can not change.
8. What was the best thing I bought ?
My best investment this year would have to be my mobile phone Samsung S6. After using a Blackberry this new phone is like a Ferrari with loads of amazing features that make my life as a blogger so much easier. My phone takes amazing pictures and I have captured some amazing pictures this year.
9. What song will remind you of 2015 ?
Yikes tough one ! How about 2 songs ? I love music and love attaching memories to songs.
OMI – Cheerleader ( love love this song)
Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do
10. Favourite TV Shows
I do not watch much TV as my crazy times don’t often afford the time. So I record the things I enjoy watching and catch up when I do have some time.
Eastenders – A British Soapie set in London’s Eastend where I used to live and work.
Empire – An American soapie about a family in the music industry.
How to get away with Murder ? – An American series with a great plot and lots of legal eagles.
11. Best book you read ?
I am a bookworm and love books and reading. It is hard to pick one book but after thinking about it, it would have to be The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak which explores more about the poet Rumi. This book was fantastic and I need to get my own copy as a friend learnt me hers and I love the work of Rumi.
12. What did you do on your Birthday ?
My Birthday fell on a work day and to top it all off I was sick and at home. My day was nothing fantastic but on getting back to work my friends spoiled me with gifts and cake it was rather special. A few weeks after that I had won 4 tickets to the Dinner/Theatre show called Madame Zingara ,so I got the awesome foursome together and off we went to celebrate my birthday in style with feathers and masks.
birthday gifts
13. Who do you miss ?
I miss my Dad and my cousin who both passed away in 2012 leaving a void in our lives. It does not get easier and I miss them both each and every day. On special days like birthdays and my brother’s wedding it was very sad knowing that these 2 people were not with us anymore. They say ” A heart that is loved is never forgotten”
14. What do you wish you had done less of ?
Wasted time and energy on situations and things that were beyond my control. Stressing ! which did not help my health.
15. Most valuable Life Lesson of 2015
3  words kept popping up all year long. And as I type this I am starting to hum ….Let it go from the Frozen soundtrack. We need to learn in life to let go of situations which no longer serve us as well as the toxic people in our lives. Letting go means we give space for new things to happen in our life.
So YES 2015 has been bittersweet ! Thank you for the lessons and blessings 2016 I am ready for you 🙂 What has your year been like?
Be Inspired !
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