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50 Shades of Me … well not exactly

I only realised the other day while having an online chat with one of my #KeralaBlogExpress friends Andrea, just how interesting I really am. Yes,I see you rolling your eyes thinking out aloud “oh please !” Let me explain further this conversation with Andrea. Having travelled to various parts of the world ,the locals and fellow travellers are always curious…

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5 Things you MUST EAT & DRINK in Kerala

Food Glorious Food ! One of the things one always remembers is the food.Food is very important in every culture in every part of the world. During my two weeks in Kerala during the #KeralaBlogExpress I was in total Foodie heaven. I knew before going that I would be eating some pretty amazing food. But I was not prepared for…

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10 Reasons why I LOVE KERALA

Before my trip of a lifetime to Kerala , I knew that visiting this state was defo part of my Travel Bucket List. Having never visited India , I was over the moon that my first encounter would be in beautiful Kerala also known as God’s Own Country and it is no wonder it is included on the Ultimate India…

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Finding your Sunshine!

We all love sunshine and happy days. These days are reminders of good times and awesome memories. But for us to truly appreciate the sunshine we need to experience some storms ,learn to dance in the rain and create our own sunshine. As human beings , each day I am amazed by how truly talented we are. But then there…

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Namaskaram March

The start of 2016 has been filled with so much of fun , excitement and opportunities that I am so excited for the year ahead. I got a feeling that this year will be filled with all sorts of wonderful and each month will bring some sort of magic into my world. February aka #LoveMonth saw me head of the…

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Mezze Inspired Parcels

I am mad about trying out new products especially foods from other parts of the world. So when the team from Mediterranean Delicacies approached me about creating a recipe products from their rather extensive range, I was over the moon. After finding the range at my local supermarket I literally bought everything they had including olives,hummus (two types), phyllo pastry…

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A quick glimpse of #KeralaBlogExpress

Late last night, I arrived home to South Africa from two weeks in Kerala. To say that this was a Trip of a Lifetime would be an understatement of what I learnt and discovered in God’s Own Country. Kerala Tourism played the role of a gracious hostess to 30 bloggers from 25 countries around the world. A road trip on…

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