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Sawubona April

Yebo !
Sawubona is a Zulu word that is used to greet others. Zulu is one of the 11 official languages in South Africa. Sawubona translated means “we see you” and the response to this greeting is Yebo which means yes ! So indeed we see you April my most favourite month of the year.
Sawubona April #SpiceGoddess
Today the beautiful month of April has begun. I spent the day with some pampering at the salon. Getting myself ready for my favourite month of the year and getting prepared for heading back to work next week after the Easter Break.
In South Africa we have several Public Holidays or Bank Holidays in April so it is a very short month. April is also my Birthday Month which I share with several friends and members of my family. This makes April a very busy month of fun.
Dearest April
I welcome you with open arms ,showering you with Rose Petals. A greeting I loved in Kerala. April I am looking forward to 31 days of fun and surprises especially as it is my most favourite month of the year.
April ,your three sisters before amazed me,blew my mind and brought me experiences beyond my wildest dreams. I know April that you will not disappoint me during my  Birthday Month. I am pretty sure you have some extraordinary things planned for me and you will take my breath away.
April already today , you have brought me some interesting thoughts and challenges so I am really looking forward to the days ahead. Tomorow Gran turns 83 so we will be celebrating this milestone with some quality family time. As for my Birthday ,I have not decided what I am doing but I am sure things will happen as per always. I love Birthdays not only mine but those of my family and friends. I think it is important to celebrate birthdays and the fact that we are here to celebrate with our loved ones.
So Universe, I leave April in your very capable hands. I know you will bring me all sorts of wonderful and more than I can ever imagine. Sawubona April ! Yebo I see you ,I feel you and I know you will be amazing.
There will be a few surprises and giveaways happening during April on the blog and my Social Media accounts. So make sure you are following so you don’t miss out  and look for the hashtag #SpiceGoddessBirthday
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I wish you a wonderful April filled with all sorts of amazing. May April bring you lots of love ,laughter and opportunities. Dont forget my Birthday on the 20th 😉
Do you celebrate birthdays in your family ? Are there special traditions ?
Be Inspired !
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