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The L Word #TuesdayTruth

Life is way too short to be anything but happy . Being happy means also smiling, living life and laughing out aloud .
Live Laugh Love #TuesdayTruth
During my time abroad in Kerala , I really for the first time really understood the true meaning of these 3 L Words. Did I laugh everyday ? Did I live each day in the present and did I fall in love ? My answer to all 3 is YES YES YES. After a very long time I honestly felt so alive and carefree.
In literally all the photos and videos that my travel buddies captured I was laughing or have the biggest grin on my face. And these were all not fake BUT a 100% real. Most of these pics were taken without me knowing. My laugh seemed to make others laugh and that is a good sign. Several of my #KeralaBlogExpress friends say how much they miss my laugh.
The L word
I have stored those memories in my Happiness Cupboard. A place where I can pull them out on gloomy days to remind me just how beautiful life truly is. Right now my cupboard is full and I am still very much living ,laughing and loving in the present.
We get too caught up in the rat race of life that we forget to actually live. Our lives get taken over by Technology and the art of conversation is lost.And sometimes that means putting our phone away. Start living in the now. Stop and appreciate the beauty of the world around. When last did you watch a sunrise or a sunset and just soaked in the beauty of Mother Nature. Living is not about how much money you have but rather how rich your life is with experiences and memories. Starting today live in the now and appreciate all the small blessings in your life.
Often when things are going wrong I end up laughing. I figured you have two choices you either cry and mess up your make or laugh and exercise my face and stomach muscles. Laughter is indeed a good remedy for most things. There are now even Laughter classes to get people to destress , laugh aloud and just have fun. Remember the last time you were out with your friends how much of fun and laughter happened, how did you feel when you got home ? Bet your soul felt happy and your face looked brighter. Those feel good moments do amazing things to our body. So stop stressing and start laughing you never know who might be falling in love with or smile , your laughter or you might land yourself a new job. Keep laughing and smiling and the world will smile back at you.
Love , a small word with so many meanings. Love yourself first before you can love others. There are many forms of love from family , friends, spouse , pets and even love for our country and religion. No matter how many times you have fallen out of love and ended up with a broken heart never stop loving others. We express love in different ways and not always is it in material stuff it can be cooking a meal , sending a message to someone giving someone a hug and these things cost very little. I love watching lil children express their feelings and try to quantify how much they love you in words and numbers.
Today starting now start living the 3 L Words in your life. Let it become apart of your everyday. Life is too short to be anything else except happy and grateful. Count your blessings daily and watch the miracles unfold.
When last did you have a good laugh ? Share the memory with me. You might call this image and picture from a few weeks ago, unfortunately the site had some gremlins and some posts vanished.
Be Inspired !
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