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High Chai at Jeera

I see you reading the title and looking all confused. High Chai ? YES simply translated means High Tea. But this is a High Tea with an Indian Twist. Tea is a big feature in an Indian home which I shared earlier on my blog Tea in the Indian home. So crafting a High Tea menu with an Indian twist just…

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Tired ? Stressed ? Read this NOW

The rat race of life brings us stress in all forms on a daily basis. Stress has a negative impact on your body and eventually burnout happens. The first half of this year has been crazy busy with just so much going on. At times I feel like I am on a never-ending rollercoaster. Everyone always talks about the amazing…

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Bitten by the #TravelBug

Both my parents have a great passion for travelling. This amazing passion was passed onto me and I totally love this bug. As a child my dad made it a point of every single school holiday that we went on a family holiday. We explored our beautiful South Africa, from the amazing mountains of the Berg to the garden route…

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10 Reasons why you need to drink Coconut Water

When one thinks of Coconut Water instantly images of tropical islands with swayìng Palm Trees come to mind. Coconut and Coconut Water are a common feature in an Indian home and are often used in rituals. As a child recall fighting with my brother after a prayer to get a sip of this delicious nectar. Then I forgot about Coconut…

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Inspiration Talks with the SpiceGoddess

Every now and again we all need some inspiration. Inspiration can come in various forms and often when we least expect it. I found this great set of Questions on The Blog Tag. Head over to www.theblogtag.co.za for more details. I have picked a selection of questions : SpiceGoddess Thoughts on Inspiration 1. Best advice : Over time I have…

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Fill your heart with Gratitude

Gratitude a word that is so important yet is often overlooked. As humans we get too caught up in life and forget to stop and say thank you. The above given definition is too small in my opinion of such an important word. Life brings us all sorts the good with the bad and we often are only thankful for…

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