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High Chai at Jeera

I see you reading the title and looking all confused. High Chai ? YES simply translated means High Tea. But this is a High Tea with an Indian Twist.
Tea is a big feature in an Indian home which I shared earlier on my blog Tea in the Indian home. So crafting a High Tea menu with an Indian twist just makes sense. Jeera’s Executive Chef Sandren Govender is the brainchild behind creating this unique High Tea.
I love the traditions and history of High Teas High Tea a very a British Tradition , so on seeing the Indian High Tea at Jeera the SpiceGoddess knew she needed to experience this. So as part of my Birthday Month celebrations we booked this experience.

Booking Details :

  1. Cost is R175 per person and has to be booked at least two weeks in advance.
  2. Bookings can only be made for a minimum of 4 people.
  3. Payment must be done in advance.
  4. Call 031 314 7878 to book your Indian High Tea Experience.
  5. Monday to Fridays depending on availability from 14h00 to 16h30.

Now that you know how to book ,have a look at this menu. Reading through the menu makes one hungry. The fusion of Indian and Western flavours makes this menu so unique. A selection of tea treats include sweet and savoury so there is something for all taste buds as well as a beautiful collection of Tea for you to drink.
Jeera Indian High Tea Menu

My Experience :

The booking was fairly easy to do and my main concern was, that three members of our party were vegetarian. I was told that all guests would be catered for and I should not worry.
Jeera Indian High Tea 2
The day arrived and we headed off for what I termed my High Chai party.We were welcomed by a beautiful hostess dressed in Indian traditional clothing. The tables were set one for the selection of teas and the other were we would sit while sampling this great fusion menu.
Jeera Indian High Tea /Sweets Jeera Indian High Tea Savoury
The waiter and Head chef assigned to our table welcomed us and explained the sumptuous menu. Everything looked so beautiful and we could not wait to tuck into our Indian High Tea. Everything thing was beautifully presented and tasted divine.
Jeera Mango Lassi / Bombay Crush
A selection of Aromatic Teas were offered. I sampled a few but the Spice Goddess opted for a traditional Masala Chai as the perfect accompaniment to my treats.
Jeera Tea selection
With such beautiful treats and great service this afternoon was defo one for the memory books. The Indian High Tea is perfect for your next Girl’s Catch up or even spoiling your family. Jeera’s Indian High Tea is worth the experience of an eastern and western High Tea. I will be back to share this with my Girls soon.
Be Inspired !
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32 thoughts on “High Chai at Jeera

  1. This looks so interesting! Would love to try something like that… what were the accompaniments to the chai? were the snacks Indian too?

  2. I consider high tea as one of my favorite thing to do to relax before (or after) taking a spa treatment. A great way to catch-up with friends and not minding about the time, and just go with the flow. I love it!

  3. mmmm I love Indian Chai! Give me some Masala, please!
    I am very surprised to hear that you have to make a reservation 2 weeks in advance! I’d like to visit it!

    1. I think it is amazing. All pictures look good. I am not a chai fan but can figure out a good one as an Indian. Haha.

  4. High chai, soinds good to the ear, so also the tea it sounds good for the health benefits. Will definitely be on this more.

  5. With these foods and tea, I will be happy to enjoy my half day here, why reading a book 😀 I love it! Thank you dear!

  6. Well, all those food pictures are such mouthwatering! I love indian chai but I never tried it as english tea, with sweets and sandwiches. Indeed an experience to try!

  7. I loved ‘tea time’ when I visited India earlier this year. I was surprised that I drank more tea in India than back home in England. Interestingly, ‘a cuppa tea’ with the girls isn’t really a “thing” where I’m from! It’s all about meeting up for coffee. Tea for me is returning home after a long day and someone saying to you, “sit down, I’ll stick the kettle on” 🙂

  8. Interesting…I guess I should organize one high Chai here. Definitely adds glamour and fun to the entire experience of evening Tea. Glad you had a good time.

  9. High Chai totally makes sense. I never thought about it in all the places I have been in the world where Chai is the norm, but it is surprising to me that really only England has a stronghold on this high tea thing. Seems like a nice thing to do anywhere. I wonder why America doesn’t have high coffee? haha

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