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Muli June

Welcoming June the African way. This month I have decided to use Bemba which is one of the seven languages spoken in Zambia.


2016 has been rather eventful and busy. It feels like I have been at it non stop. Been busy is good but sometimes a timeout is much needed. My birthday of 2016 arrived and was over so quickly Another Birthday has gone …..
Work has been super crazy with lecturing new subjects and new deadlines. My health last month was not too good and I needed to have surgery to remove an abscess from my eye. Crazy right ! But with all things seeming to go left a lot of things were starting to go in the right direction. I did make some time for some pampering Tired ? Stressed ? Read this NOW and boy oh boy was it amazing.
With six months of 2016 gone, I need to set some goals for the remainder of this year. And as per always the start of a new month is just the perfect time to do so.
Muli June #SpiceGoddess
Dearest June Muli 🙂
Welcome to the world of the #SpiceGoddess. You arrived rather suddenly and almost took me by surprise. BUT I am so glad you are here.

June why I love thee…

1.Finally the weather gets colder here in Durban and winter is my favourite time of year. Blame it on my living in London.
2. June means it is the end of the 1st semester and that means holidays are approaching.
3. Comfort food can be cooked and enjoyed.
4. Perfect weather for lazy days at home catching up on reading and watching your favourite series.
5. It also means a month closer till my BFF Megan comes home from London for a holiday.
June I do have high expectations of you and all the possibilties you bring with you. The first half of 2016 has been filled with all sorts so here’s hoping the next six months will be filled with enough of everything.

June Goals

  1. Read 2 complete books.
  2. Finish watching my current obessission Downton Abbey.
  3. Blog atleast three times a week.
  4. Work on my Media Kit and get it done.
  5. Get enough  sleep.

6. Revisit goals from the start of the year The Little Guide to 2016
So June as you can see it is going to be a productive month. I look forward to all that you bring with you. I hope to achieve several goals of my list this month and most importantly make me time for ME.
Hugs & Kisses
What are your goals for this month ? What do you hope to achieve ?
Be Inspired !
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