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Welkom July

As I signed a document today and dated it , did I realise that literally 3/4 of July was over and I still had not done a welcome July post. Forgive me ….. July
Welkom July
In South Africa we have 11 official languages including English. I am rather ashamed as I only can speak two languages English and Afrikaans. Afrikaans is spoken in South Africa by 7 million people and it’s roots stem from the Dutch. In the 17th century Dutch Explorers discovered and set up home in the Western Cape. Growing up Afrikaans was the second language I learnt at school. Let me tell you I hated it and often got things wrong. I can understand, read and write Afrikaans but I do not speak it very well.
During my travels in Europe , I found that I could pick up bits and pieces of conversations in Austria ,Germany and Brussels. While living abroad hearing someone speak Afrikaans was music to my eyes. A funny story was once I was on an underground Tube reading my newspaper minding my own business when I heard the group of guys opposite me speaking in Afrikaans. I smiled into my newspaper and carried on reading until I heard them talk about me. My stop was next and as I got up I said “Totsiens” and walked out. Totsiens is goodbye in Afrikaans ,the look on those guys faces were totally priceless as they realised I was South African and not from India. So why have I chosen Afrikaans this month , well after spending 15 days in Cape Town I had realised the beauty of this language.
Dearest July ….
I am so sorry for not welcoming you properly but as you know you literally had me  flying off  to Cape Town so early on the 1st of July. This month you have brought me amazing adventures ,experiences and friendships. I have learnt so much and I am so grateful for all that you given me this month and yes we still have a few more days to go.
July you have taught me to :

  1. Enjoy life.
  2. Count my blessings.
  3. Smile more.
  4. Be happy.
  5. Take chances and say YES more often.

Some highlights this month included :

  1. My 15 day #ExploreWC trip.
  2. Meeting some rather awesome bloggers in Cape Town.
  3. Making the cut and been voted as part of the #W24tastemakers in South Africa for W24. Meaning that the public has voted for me as part of their 24 Favourite Females on Social Media. (Thank you for your votes)
  4. A local Durban magazine did a feature on popular bloggers in  Durban and included me in their roundup. I was in awe thank you team for the feature.

The City July Feature Durban Bloggers
I got back to my day job this week and start lecturing next week. I look forward to the new term and seeing my students. The week has flown by with meetings and registration. Am so looking forward to today as my BFF Megan is down from London and is coming to see the gang at work for lunch.Good food with friends always equals priceless moments.
July you have been baie mooi (Afrikaans for very pretty/nice). I look forward to the days that remain.
What have you been up to this month ? I would love to know.
Be Inspired !
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