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Miglio Magic

I love jewellery be it wearing it or just owning it. Last year I came across Miglio online and was impressed with their collection of jewellery.While planning our #ExploreWC itinerary , I was rather excited to see a Miglio Factory Tour and meeting on the schedule. Check out what the Miglio team had to say about our visit http://www.miglio.com/when-bloggers-meet/
Miglio #ExploreWC
Miglio ? ?
Miglio is a proudly South African brand based in Cape Town. A business started by husband and wife duo Mike and Jenny Miller which started in 1990. All the jewellery is hand made and staff are upskilled to learn various stages in the jewellery making process. All the jewellery are interchangeable making it very person and unique according to your mood.
We arrived earlier than expected I for one was super excited. The plans for the morning included a factory tour and a photoshoot. Now I am rather conscious of the camera but nevertheless I wore all black and grabbed a few colourful shawls as props. We were welcomed into the display room where displays of Miglio jewellery surrounded us. I honestly felt like a kid in a candy shop as I went around trying stuff on. I literally could have spent hours in there and not even gone on the factory tour. The neckpiece which caught my attention I was simple but elegant silver balled chain.
SpiceGoddess in Miglio
The factory tour was not something I was expecting at all. We were taken through the entire jewellery making process from start to finish. This made me appreciate the jewellery I wear in an entire different way. All the workers here were so happy and cheerful and answered our questions. It was clearly evident that the people who work here enjoy their jobs. Later we were told that staff get upskilled in the factory and that often a cleaner ends up working in the manufacturing process because they have learnt a new skill.
Miglio Jewels #ExploreWC
With all the jewellery been handmade attention to detail is very important. All these factors are used in the pricing of jewellery and that is why unlike mass produced jewellery from China which is so cheap and of poor quality, do the Miglio pieces cost more.
Bedecked in our Miglio jewellery we walked around the factory with a photographer/videographer. At first I was rather conscious but eventually I was so engrossed with the factory that I forgot about the camera and just enjoyed chatting to the staff and learning how the jewellery was made. This experience has made me appreciate every piece of jewellery I own.
Miglio Workshop #ExploreWC
Lights ! Camera ! Action
After the educational tour of the factory we headed upstairs for the photoshoot which also included a video shoot. As I mentioned before ,I am rather conscious. The shoot was so much fun and I loved been infront of the camera. For the video segment I showcased a neckpiece that could be worn in several different ways. Especially when you are travelling a piece of jewellery is very versatile to create different looks.
Miglio Photo Shoot #ExploreWC
Head over to www.miglio.com and support this fantastic #LocalisLekker brand.
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21 thoughts on “Miglio Magic

  1. So interesting that you had the opportunity to see the making process from start to finish! I am sure it gave you insight into all the work that goes into making these gorgeous pieces. Amazing!

  2. I ALSO love jewellery too and collect vintage pieces, as well as modern pieces; my husband was very kind last year, and bought me a new engagement ring for Valentine’s day! I MUST say that this brand looks fab and I would love to own some of their designs.

  3. As a person who sometimes makes her own accessories, this sounds so interesting to me. I would love to a piece from Miglio. The jewels look lovely.

  4. Jewelry is such, that we are usually dazzled by its grandeur and beauty and not many think about how it comes into existence. I am sure the tour would have been a very educational and interesting one;

  5. I think it’s fantastic that this brand produces unique jewelries and that the people employed are enjoying their jobs. You don’t normally find it in other bigger, mass-produced brands out there. Do they have jewelries with crystals as well?

  6. Those are beautiful and crafted jewelry. A tour is a good way to introduce products / services, and makes you feel more respect to the people behind its creations.

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