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Hand Luggage Packing Tips

There is  a myth that all women pack way too much and carry everything plus some more just incase.


I used to do that BUT not anymore as I have become wiser. Packing your Hand Luggage especially for long haul flights can be nerve wrecking as you always want to take something just incase.Over time I have learnt that there are only certain things you need to pack into your hand luggage.

Whenever I fly I use my small hand luggage bag  and carry a large soft handbag.

Handbag Essentials for Travelling

1. Passport and Ticket in a Travel wallet. That way everything is kept together. It also helps that my travel wallet is bright pink and easy to locate.
2. My camera in a pouch so that it stays safe.As well as a power bank so I am always on charge.
3.My wallet which is smaller than my everyday wallet and minus all my store reward cards. I also carry a small change purse so I can keep the coins separately.
4. A notebook and pen with contact details of home and my accommodation.
6.Medication especially chronic meds and painkillers.
7. Lipgloss and a deodorant always got to look your best.
8. Small hairbrush and hairband. I have a Tangle Teezer brush which is small and lightweight.
9. Chewing gum helps preventing your ears from popping inflight and bad breathe.
10. A soft cotton scarf which doubles up as a scarf or sarong.

Now that most of what I need I have in my handbag time to pack my hand luggage :

Hand Luggage

My luggage is currently from the awesome American Tourister range.Both my bags are bright pink in  my favourite colour and that of the blog. Having brightly coloured luggage is so helpful when trying to locate your bags in the sea of luggage that is on the carousel.

#Tip I often take pictures of my luggage when I travel and I recently read that this is a great way to keep evidence. In case of your bags getting misplaced this picture can help you identify and describe your bags.

I am totally in love with my luggage for several reasons :

  1. Bright Pink colour.
  2. The combination locks which mean I no longer need to worry about losing my key for my lock.
  3. The separator zip in each bag which allows me to separate my clothing from dirty and clean.
  4. The hard shell that even after travelling on a 15 day roadtrip on a bus and 6 flights later my bags were not damaged.
  5. The spinning wheels which make it so easy to pull along my luggage and often no need for a trolley but basically any bag  with rolling wheels is a pleasure to travel with.
  6. I have learnt to pack lightly and use my hand luggage as my main piece of luggage for 5 days.

Hand Luggage Essentials

1. A set of clothes including underwear incase your luggage gets lost.
2.A light jersey. The worst is arriving in a cold country from a hot country.
3.Copies of my passport and paperwork in a soft file.
4.A pair of casual foldable pumps with a pair of socks.

5. My travel pillow.

6. A book  or magazine to read.

7.A plastic packet.

8. A soft and foldable shopping bag.

9. A small cosmetic bag with a face towel ,toothbrush ,toothpaste ( travel size) and moisturizer (travel size). I always safe all my samples to use when I travel.

10. A travel size pack of wet wipes for all sorts of emergencies .
11.A travel bag off sorts to carry all off the above be it a case like mine or a travel backpack
My luggage is currently from the awesomeAmerican Tourister range. https://www.houseofsamsonite.co.za/brands/american-tourist

Have I left anything out ? Do you have any Hand Luggage Tips to share ? Let me know in the comments.
Be Inspired !

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46 thoughts on “Hand Luggage Packing Tips

  1. Great list of things to pack in your hand luggage. I always panic and have to triple check that I have my passport and wallet. Personally, I always pack my hand luggage really light because I hate having to lug it around the airport while I shop Duty Free.

  2. Thank you for the amazing tips, I’ve found it really difficult when traveling what to pack and what not to pack, I sometimes forget, but I’m printing this list out now.

  3. Some weekend trips, I pack a medium sized soft sided duffel bag to stuff under my seat next to my purse. I challenge myself to pack less and less for each trip. I really need very little “stuff” these days.

  4. We pack a lot of the things you take and a few more. We always include a water bottle to refill at the fountain before getting on board our flight, especially long ones. Trail mix and snacks and our computers and phones. I also read a post about photographing luggage and have never done it but, probably a great idea also.

  5. These are great luggage tips! If I did lots of selfies with myself from the airport, I also do selfies of my bags and luggage. All my bags have name tags / my business card attached, then took selfies with it including my luggage imperfections (if there is) for easy identification.
    Nothing is more horrific than lost luggage.

  6. My luggage list is almost same., except that the suitcase is red in color.
    I too read that taking pics of your luggage can help if they ever get lost. Great idea! I too have started doing i religiously.

  7. I used to be quite bad at packing light. The downside of too many roadtrips where I can load whatever I want in my car 😀 I am getting much better at traveling light though, so thanks for the tips, they are much appreciated!

  8. I agree with the extra set of clothes in a hand luggage..I too am always worried of losing my main bag, especially when one has transits. Nice list.

  9. This is a great list. When Im not using a backpack I usually have my small hand luggage. I either keep my wallet on me else in the luggage. That apart i need to have a book during long flights or long train rides else it gets very boring.

  10. Quite a handy guide! My carry on varies depending on the trip as sometimes I keep my breakables in there to avoid anxiety that they will get broken with the tossing of my checked bag on to the cargo.

  11. Some very useful tips here. Usually my hand luggage comprises of a book, my laptop, powerbank and some essential stuff. But I will need to get myself a pillow as I have been spending long hours at the airport lately.

  12. As a photographer on cheap European airlines I’m often limited to only one carry-on item (no handbag) and I travel with my photographic equipment. I’t pretty basic, I don’t have many lenses, but it still comprises body + 2 lenses + charger, and that stuff alone is stored in its special bag, that I fit in the other bag. So basically half of my cabin luggage in size and weight is my camera and accessories. That’s the hard life of a traveller with the hobby of photography 😀

  13. Thank you for sharing your travel experience ! Your post includes really useful and informative tips. I also take pictures of my luggage when I travel to keep evidence 🙂 I want to feel as fresh as possible at the end of a flight, so I love touching up deodorant and brushing my teeth and washing my face. Airplanes dry us out, so lotion and chapstick help keep me moisturized !

  14. This is great! I took a photo of my luggage because I love it – it has flags from different countries sewn all over it but I ended up using the photo when the airline lost my luggage! Good tip!

  15. Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative.

    I’m going to watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future.
    Lots of people will be benefited from your writing.

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