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Aubergine Parmigiana a great vegetarian meal

Aubergine, Eggplant or Brinjal is an edible fruit used in various dishes around the world. With its deep purple colour it is indeed a thing of beauty but does come in white and shades of pink. As a child I hated this vegetable and would literally pull faces when Mum cooked this vegetable. My lil well when she was three…

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Find your chi at Brahman Hills

The name Brahman Hills to every Hindu evokes images of a spiritual retreat and home to the sacred Brahman cows which are worshipped.Brahman Hills proved to be a retreat one that would help me find my chi and so much more. Situated on the famous Nottingham Road which is home to the Midlands Meander.When I told friends I was off…

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Learn some Arabic before you go to Dubai

My love affair with the Arabic language started roughly in 2002 while I was living in London.Prior to this Arabic was not something that interested me and not a language I wanted to learn how to speak. Living and working in London’s East End, I was surrounded by Arabs from all corners of the world including their food stores and…

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Let's GO EAT at The Midlands Kitchen

There are numerous things that make up a great roadtrip.And yes I do love taking roadtrips,check out One of the best things is finding something delicious while you stop to fill up your tank.The Midlands Kitchen has taken the whole concept of road food to another level and literally takes one on a culinary journey with something to suit…

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