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How to become a Travel Blogger ?

Most people I meet often say “gosh you travel for free so amazing!” and then promptly go on to say “I am going to become a Travel Blogger so I to can travel for free.” Sorry to pop your bubble but nothing is for FREE and there is a lot more that happens behind the scenes than just the pretty…

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Confessions of a Sneaker Addict

Hello everyone , I am Verushka and I am a sneaker addict.My addiction is fairly recent and started in February of this year.I buy sneakers and hide them in my handbag. After a media trip that January to Dubai I realised I needed to change the shoes I wore for several reasons.My trip was 48 hours and it was so…

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Travel Movies to inspire your Wanderlust

I love watching movies but not often do I get the chance to go to the cinema and watch a new release. So more often than not I end up watching movies on TV or on my flights. As  a kid I recall watching movies like James Bond and Indiana Jones and how in awe I was of this amazing…

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