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Life Update 18.1

It seems like we were just welcoming 2018 and now she is almost on her way out. The days seems to fly by and lets not even talk about weekends that whizz by like a Usain Bolt doing the 100 metre sprint. As I get older I start to appreciate lazy weekends, going to bed at a decent hour, enjoying…

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Everybody needs #SomeBunnyToLove

The iconic Bunny Chow is a much loved South African dish that truly represents our Rainbow Nation.So when BB Bakeries invited me to be apart of the #SomeBunnyToLove campaign the foodie in me was super excited. What is a Bunny Chow ? “Food is everything we are.It’s an extension of nationalist feeling ,ethnic feeling,your personal history,your province,your history ,your tribe,your…

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