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Food Photography Hints and Tips

Food photography is not as easy as it looks. I myself struggle when trying to take shots of the dishes I have prepared or am eating.It seems like every shot of mine looks rather awkward and just not right. Unlike travel photos , food photography requires some tips and tricks to making the dish look delicious.i tend to use my…

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A Guide on how to eat healthy while Flying

The last thing one thinks of when flying is about making healthy food choices as the only thing on the mind is in fact getting to the destination. However what we consume during our flight does have an effect on our body and how it responds to jetlag once we land at our destination. Travelling long haul flights can put…

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Tips for planning your next holiday

I love travelling and that is no lie. But one thing I have learned over time is that one does need to plan an d be prepared for your holiday.There is actually several things one needs to do once you have booked your holiday but this post is all the other things leading up to booking your trip.Planning is very…

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A Spiced Cheesecake Recipe #ItMustBeThePhilly

Right from the outset let me tell you that making desserts and cakes are not my forte and I rather make a savoury dish than a sweet one. But after making this no bake Cheesecake the other day I am convinced that I should give desserts another try and they do not have to be complicated and require baking. When…

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Vegetarian Square Burger #BBSquareOff

Throughout food history sandwiches have appeared in a variety of forms and has become a popular meal choice for people all over the world. I personally love a sandwich as it is the perfect on the go meal and is a great way to multitask without actually stopping for a meal. Why are sandwiches so popular ? easy to make…

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High Tea at Durban’s Oyster Box

Living in Durban , I try to explore locally as much as possible and support local business. There are still some places and things on my to eat and to do lists .Durban is foodie heaven without a doubt and yes I am still eating my way through and enjoying each morsel as I go. On my forever list has…

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