Top blog posts of 2018

One of the things I promised my self at the start of 2018 was to spend more time on my blog creating content.The initial idea was to create four posts a month and include in each post a Pinterest Image made on Canva.Did I achieve this goal? YES I totally did and some weeks I was more creative and blog…

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Nomination Jewellery is a perfect gift +WIN

Everyone who knows me , knows how much I love Nomination jewellery and I have over the years bought many of my loved ones Nomination bracelets or charms. My interest in the brand started over 15 years ago while living in London where an ex introduced me to the Nomination range and wanted to buy me some while he was away on…

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2018 a year of all sorts

2018 , a year much like a packet of Liquorice Allsorts filled with some sweet and bitter moments but nevertheless I am grateful for all the sweets life has brought me this year.I have had to do a lot of adulting and grow up literally overnight.So much has changed in my life since 2018 started and time has surely flown…

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