6 Superfoods for beautiful skin !

Step aside beauty filters – there’s a way to get a 24/7 glow-up effect naturally, and without much effort. Wouldn’t it be great to always look your Insta-model best? Well, with just a few small adjustments to your diet could give your skin the nutrients it needs to shine.I have always believed that feeding our body properly makes the world…

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10 Romantic Movies to watch on Netflix for Valentines Day

Valentines Day a day celebrated by lovers of all ages around the globe.Romantic dinners,proposals,red roses and getaways are generally part and parcel of Valentines Day but this year this things are different due to Covid19 and we need to become creative on how we celebrate this day safely. Even as a kid my parents would buy as gifts for this…

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Here’s How Countries Around The World Celebrate Love

The month of love has arrived! Every year on Valentine’s Day (celebrated globally on the 14th of February), couples around the world shower each other with romantic dinners, red roses, delicious chocolates, teddy bears and even romantic trips away. Even as a singleton I am ever the romantic and always believes in love. Paris, known the world over as the city of…

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Lessons learnt from living in a Pandemic

Covid19 and Lockdown two words that literally changed the world overnight and changed the way we live going forward.I still struggle to comprehend how over 300 days has passed and everything I did prior to that does not happen anymore.I think no one ever realised how different our lives would be from a year ago but without warning we made…

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