Life Update 20.1- The Covid19 Diary

I was in two minds for ages about writing this post but then I realised that it is a part of my life that I need to document for future generations. Life as we all know it has changed for every single human around the globe.It seems that everything has stopped and we have had to restart due to Covid19.Every…

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Purtassi Vegetarian Meal Ideas & Shopping List

With the month long vegetarian fast of Purtassi upon us coming up with nutritious and interesting meal ideas can be a difficult task.The main meal considerations are no eggs ,meat,chicken,fish or alcohol.Going back 20 years ago fasting meals were literally vegetable curries and an occassional pasta dish were on the menu.Growing up Gran would cook a variety of vegetarian dishes…

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#MazdaVirtualRoadTrip explores the South Coast of KZN

A few weeks ago I received an intriguing email that instantly lit a flame inside of me. The email was from Mazda, tasking me with showcasing the beauty of the province that I live in using their sleek Mazda CX-5 as part of the country’s first Virtual Road Trip. The campaign was all about recreating memories that everyday South Africans…

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Frys Lancashire HotPot Recipe

Today I am sharing my second recipe that I have created using the Frys Burger Range.As a foodie I love experimenting with food and flavours.So when I was brainstorming for this project I wanted to come up with different ways to use the Frys Burgers rather than just eat it as a burger.I wanted to come up with Meat free…

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Hello ,meet the SpiceGoddess

Hello #SpiceGoddessFamily it has been a some time since I wrote my last post on here.I have been using my time during Lockdown to rest,cook, share and grow my other platforms.During these days I have noticed that I have several new followers across all my social media and that I would introduce myself to you all. Meet Verushka aka SpiceGoddess…

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LockDown Meal Ideas and a Shopping List

I just got back from a quick grocery shop and this was the first time in probably three weeks and trust me it was an experience like no other.And trust me I rushed around the store picked extra things and could not wait to get back home.This whole experience has made me realise that shopping for groceries ,meal planning and…

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