The day the clocks stopped – Losing a loved one

The first time I came across this poem by WH Aulden in the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral, I was left in awe at the brutality of loss and the feelings and motions one experiences on losing a loved one. In 2012 on New Years morning my Dad passed away leaving my heart-broken and changing the way I see…

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Culinary Lessons with the Greatest Chef

My 81 year old Grandmother is amazing and not only do I think that but so does everyone in my big fat Indian family. Gran is the oldest member of our family, who loves to travel , cook and eat good food. Ever since I can recall I always have remember my Gran in the kitchen cooking. It was her…

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Be Thankful #TuesdayTruth

One the many lessons Life has taught is the one of been Thankful.Every so often I stop and thank the Universe for everything from the past , the present and for whats to come in the future.The more we say Thank You ,the more we¬†open ourselves up for blessings and opportunities.If you asked me 3 years ago what I was…

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