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High Tea at Durban’s Oyster Box

Living in Durban , I try to explore locally as much as possible and support local business. There are still some places and things on my to eat and to do lists .Durban is foodie heaven without a doubt and yes I am still eating my way through and enjoying each morsel as I go. On my forever list has…

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High Tea a very a British Tradition

I am a tea drinker though occasionally a cup of coffee is needed to face the day. Coming from an Indian home tea is a popular hot drink often in the form of Chai Tea which is made with spices. After living in London I learnt that any problem or news is shared or fixed over a cup of tea.…

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Teapigs #Review

Its no secret that I love a good cup of tea.I could blame it on my time in London where everything is sorted with a cup of tea good or bad, or my Indian roots of tea or my gran who insists on a 3pm cup of tea.Either way tea has always been apart of my life.The British during time…

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