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A Taste Journey at Vasco's

Portuguese explorer , Vasco da Gama was well-known for his voyages of discovery and more especially his discovery of the sea route to India.This voyage changed the face of culinary trends worldwide and still does today. KwaZulu Natal was discovered on Christmas day hence the Portuguese name Natal. So it is no wonder that the new Vasco’s situated in the…

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Eat Big at The Big Easy Durban

The Big Easy is situated at The Hilton Hotel in Durban. Having eaten here twice I can truly say the food , service and staff are amazing. Two Saturdays ago Mum and I headed off for lunch to The Big Easy. It was a cool day and Durban almost fooled us it was winter. We were warmly welcomed into the…

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High Tea a very a British Tradition

I am a tea drinker though occasionally a cup of coffee is needed to face the day. Coming from an Indian home tea is a popular hot drink often in the form of Chai Tea which is made with spices. After living in London I learnt that any problem or news is shared or fixed over a cup of tea.…

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