A quick guide to London

To me London is one of my most favourite cities in the world. I may be bias in saying this but after moving to London as a fresh of University student , one who had never left home before it soon became my new home and the place where I learnt about life and growing. The city is like the…

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The Low Down about Relocating to London

Ever since I was a kid , I was fascinated with London. Little did I know fast forward 2001 ,I would be living and working in London Town. Every good story starts somewhere and mine started at my first teaching job in Ixopo at an English Styled Boarding school. After 10 months of living and working in this little small town…

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A guide of FREE things to do in London

My love affair with the beautiful city of London will never end. Having spent several years living and working there it has become my “other home”. A place where I grew up , fell in love got my heartbroken and met some pretty amazing people who have become my other family with whom I got to share special days with.…

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Bitten by the #TravelBug

Both my parents have a great passion for travelling. This amazing passion was passed onto me and I totally love this bug. As a child my dad made it a point of every single school holiday that we went on a family holiday. We explored our beautiful South Africa, from the amazing mountains of the Berg to the garden route…

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10 Things I miss about London

London is one of those cities you simply fall in love with and never forget.   For almost a decade of my life I lived and worked in London. I used every opportunity to explore the city and became more fascinated with each trip. Many people do not like London for the weather but coming from a super hot country…

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A walk down Edgeware Road

I am mad about all things Arabic. From food,music to art and the language it all intrigues me. During my London days , I was first introduced to the Arab way and my education came from food. I was introduced to various Arabic Foods from different Arab countries  each with their own unique flavours and common dishes. All this was new…

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The Truth about change #TuesdayTruth

Personally change is something, I dont really like. I am a creature of habit and like knowing where I am going and what I am doing. Basically I like to be in charge of my own life and the decisions I make. Being or trying to be organised is something I love but alas sometimes the Universe just takes over.…

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Lets @VisitAbuDhabi

The world is so gigantic and there are so many places on my Travel #BucketList and it keeps growing.During my time in London ,I first came across all things Arabic from people to food, language , art and music.It was almost love at first sight and then I started to explore and learn more.Yes I even tried learning to speak…

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Pasta ala Tuna Surprise

I love the stories behind a dish.Where did come from,why, who influenced it? During my time while living abroad in London, I had to cook my own meals.This was the first time I had to cook for myself.Having had formal food training this was such a pleasure.My own kitchen, my own recipes and more importantly my way.   While in London…

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#PlusSizeMe decides to #ChooseBeautiful

This blog post was inspired by several things BUT a blog post by a blogging buddy and the fact that I need to start living and breathing my truth even if it hurts.We live in a world where society has the mindset that people need to fit into a box or category and if they do not then they are…

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