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Shopping for FREE APPS

The month after the festive season is one where we are rather conscious of our bank balances. I like every other woman loves shopping and getting a good bargain makes it even sweeter. My last mobile phone served me well but I always felt something was missing. This device was limited in the options of Apps I could download. ┬áLast…

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A Red-E Powerbank POWERS me

As a person who is addicted to Social Media, one of my biggest problems with mobile phones is that they dont hold battery life for more than roughly 6 hours in my case. Recently here in South Africa we have been having power cuts and for me it was like my worst nightmare ever. You would be amazed just how…

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5 Life Lessons from a Mobile Phone

We live in the age of Technology.The thought of me not having my mobile phone makes me panic.Mobile phones now have the capacity to do so much more and have literally become our mobile offices.We wake up in the morning and more often than not we reach for our phone first to see what we have missed out. For almost…

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