Mother's Day #GiveTheGlow

Life is way too short to appreciate your Mother only on Mother’s Day, this should be done all year round. In general, make her feel loved and cherished all the time with even the smallest gestures. Since moving back home after missing several Mother’s Days I love being around my mum and gran. They are both my pillars of strength,…

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Mother's Day Reflections

Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day in South Africa. The stores were filled with all shades of Pink and it was all very visible and you could not forget this day. As I grow older, my thoughts and ideas about the world change. I do not want to be told when I should celebrate something. I like to go against the…

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Mothers Day with a twist…….

A few weeks ago I recieved a lovely email from Megan Deane from (stuffedfeeling.co.za) inviting me to join her and a few other foodie bloggers in a Mothers Day lunch with a twist.Megan created this event last year as a tribute to her mum who is no longer with us.So what is the twist you ask???? Each of us invited…

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