Cottage Pie ? Sheperd's Pie ? But still a Pie

As a keen foodie,I love finding about ingredients and the origins of meals. I spend time with my trusty old faithful Google and a collection of cook books reading up on recipes. Food History is rather fascinating once you realise where the dishes we love originated from and why they were made. YES History is not only about wars and…

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Purtassi Diaries 2015

For some reason this year more than others,I have looked forward to this beautiful month of prayer and fasting.I guess as one gets old we realise what brings us comfort and strenght and often it is religion and prayer.The last few years have been filled with so many tough lessons and blessings. Every religion has periods where their followers fast…

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Purtassi – A hindu fast

Today marks the month long fast of Purtassi for all Telegu and Tamil speaking Hindus. It is a very auspicious and religious time for all who observe this fast. I have always done this fast even as a little child and have always loved this time of year.My parents and my grandmother have always stressed the importance and significance of…

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