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The Tao of the SpiceGoddess

According to my WordPress blog site, the SpiceGoddess blog was offically born on the 21 August 2012. Prior to that I was writing blog posts on another site. The closure of this site prompted me to start my own site and save my...

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Lessons for Instagram for Bloggers

About two years ago, I set up an Instagram (IG) account on my Tablet and forgot about it. At that point in time I had a mobile phone that did not allow me access to IG. This never bothered me much as I used Twitter my 1st Social...

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A Red-E Powerbank POWERS me

As a person who is addicted to Social Media, one of my biggest problems with mobile phones is that they dont hold battery life for more than roughly 6 hours in my case. Recently here in South Africa we have been having power...

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The little Guide to Blogging

Over the last few months I have been approached by a few people about Blogging.I am by no means an expert as I am constantly learning everyday.So today I decided to share a few tips with you about the world of Blogging and some...

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Current Status…..

For the last almost 4 weeks I have been sick.I have been to the doctor twice and yes I did get a jab and have been taking my meds.It is that time of year when the temperature does drop and its cold/flu season. So I started off...

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To Do List #TuesdayTruth

Life as we know it , is a continous rat race.We are constantly fighting for time to get things done.Everyone I know has a to do list be it on paper or electronic.As a blogger I have weekly to do lists which include lists of blog...

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My Mobile Office

To say I am in love with Social Media and technology is an understatement. My day job doesn’t afford me the luxury of WiFi or even a computer.At times I feel like a bag lady carrying around my handbag and my work bag with...

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I talk Social Media with Rich Simmonds

Verushka: Why is Social Media important to both businesses and individuals? Rich: Social Media allows us to broaden our networks and open the possibilities of meeting people we could not have normally met. Verushka: Which is...

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