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South Africa a land of contrasts…..

Since my return to SA in 2010, I have started to view my home country in a different light . They say we often don’t realise the worth of something until its gone.   This statement proved true as during my time in the UK I clung onto everything that was South African from mementos to food items even things…

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Applying for UK visa

Once I received my flight, accomodation and letter invitation could I apply for my Visa.I was a tad bit stressed as I had about ten days to get it. The process for the application starts with an online application that takes roughly 45 minutes to complete.You need the following to complete this : Flight details Passport Accommodation details Credit card…

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how did we survive ….

This morning after a mission with bad internet signal , I made my self a cup of tea and thought how did we survive before without all this technology . I recall my last flight home to SA , handbag contents included a mobile phone , digital camera, camcorder , DsLite consol, external hard drive and a few USB sticks…

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