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Hair Dramas ! Fix my Hair

A woman’s hair is always her crowning glory.I have always had healthy, thick and long hair.On a recent visit to the hairdresser I was told that my hair is “oily” and I need to find a cleaning shampoo. My instant reaction was to tweet @wisaal from for some hair advice.Wisaal instantly fired me some quick questions using 140 letters…

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A Girl called Verushka….

Two weeks ago I saw @fayeinthemaze do this post. Its a fun lil way of letting your readers know more about you. I love reading these so I decided to share mine with you…1: What eye color do you find sexiest?Love Hazel brown 2: White, milk, or dark chocolate mocha?Milk yes please though recently liking dark choc,not a fan of white…

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Birthday Treats

On the 20th April was my Birthday. I love birthdays and every year I always do something special with my loved ones family and friends. My day started with a family brunch at Spur. This was followed by meeting friends that afternoon for Cocktails and Pizza at my new fav spot Hashtag. I was surprised by how many friends joined…

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