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The little Guide to Blogging

Over the last few months I have been approached by a few people about Blogging.I am by no means an expert as I am constantly learning everyday.So today I decided to share a few tips with you about the world of Blogging and some of what I have learnt. 1)Before you decide to start blogging,read several different types of blogs…

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Why I joined a 30 day blog challenge ?

Ever since I stumbled across the world of blogging in 2010/2011, I have spent maybe a million hours (maybe I am lying here) online reading blogs.Each blog has given me information of sorts from how to be a better blogger to product reviews.Intially I was afraid I would run out of things to write. And then I discovered that one…

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5 Life Lessons from a Mobile Phone

We live in the age of Technology.The thought of me not having my mobile phone makes me panic.Mobile phones now have the capacity to do so much more and have literally become our mobile offices.We wake up in the morning and more often than not we reach for our phone first to see what we have missed out. For almost…

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YES you are BEAUTIFUL #TuesdayTruth

  Society and the media often brainwash us into believing what the word beautiful means.We are constantly bombared with these “beautiful ” images that have been airbrushed or photoshopped.Young female children are given Barbie dolls to play with that have body proportions that are not even real and lets not forget that long blonde hair. Celebrities are also known for…

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#OOTD Bollywood Inspired

A sari is the traditional dress of an Indian women.As soon as an Indian girl comes of age,she starts to wear a sari.According to which part of India your family roots are will depend on the way you wear your sari.Bollywood movies have inspired young women all over the globe to dress like the movie starlets.Even Hollywood has fashion that…

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Eve's Magic Tea #Review

The constant change of weather in Durban and my work environment means that I have a weak immune system.Having a weak immune system means I often end up with cold and flu symptoms.Earlier this year I had what I thought was a common flu but ended up been a chest infection. So when a friend at work suggested Eve’s instant…

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#LocalisLekker with @neetaraga

A few months ago ,Neeta contacted me online about help in setting up a blog and some general blog information.We chatted via email and not once did it come up what Neeta did for a living.Up until a few weeks ago ,Neeta asked me if I would be interested in a telephonic reading.I have had a few readings before and…

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Life Lessons from crayons….#TuesdayTruth

This weekend saw me start a new hobby but more about that in another post.However the materials used took me back to childhood and yes I did feel like a child all over again. And like always the Universe sends me subtle messages with powerful words.I came across the image and loved it. Each box is made up with different…

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GHD Curling Curve Wand #Review

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory.We spend alot of time and money on products to get our hair just right.This post is not a sponsored post neither do I own this product.My hairdresser has styled my hair twice with this particular product and I loved the results. A lil hair background on my hair.I have very thick hair which…

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