• Butter Chicken Spice goddessThe Story of Butter ChickenApril 25, 2016Butter chicken is one of those dishes that are found on any Indian eatery menu around the world. Each chef has tweaked this recipe to create this dish with their own flair. The first time I ate this delicious dish4 Comments
  • Image created by @durbanstarAnother Birthday has gone …..April 24, 2016Hard to believe that my Birthday 2016 is over already.I learnt so much this year and I want to share my thoughts with you on Birthdays….. Unlike other years this year I did not make a Birthday WishList/LustList. The reasonNo Comments
  • SpiceGoddess Make up & BeautyBeauty Talks with the SpiceGoddessApril 23, 2016I am by no means a beauty expert or been trained to put on my make up. Over the years , I grown up as a kid watching my mum put on her make up and later watching YouTube videosNo Comments
  • London Red Bus and Red Phone Booth10 Things I miss about LondonApril 22, 2016London is one of those cities you simply fall in love with and never forget. For almost a decade of my life I lived and worked in London. I used every opportunity to explore the city and became more4 Comments
  • Take Chances #TuesdayTruthTake ChancesApril 19, 2016Life is way too short to not take a chance and go after your dream. We are often too cautious and do not like to venture outside of our comfort zones. Every great mind was met with opposition for3 Comments
  • Spice Goddess Open LetterOpen Letter to my 21 year old selfApril 18, 2016Dearest Verushka , I write this letter to you from your future self days before your Birthday in 2016. Congrats on officially been called a legal adult. The popular saying that life gets better is no lie there are amazing8 Comments
  • Image taken from www.nationalpastaday.comPasta in a FlashApril 18, 2016Pasta is one of those amazing store cupboard ingredients that can be transformed into a beautiful masterpiece. Every cuisine around the world has their take using local and traditional ingredients to make this versatile dish. I love PASTA because :2 Comments
  • #KeralaBlogExpress Winners Season 310 Life Lessons from #KeralaBlogExpressApril 8, 2016When I flew off to Kerala to join the #KeralaBlogExpress , never in a million years did I think of all the life lessons I would gain on my two-week journey . With the hashtag #ATripOfALifetime nothing prepared me for4 Comments