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I’m Verushka

A lecturer by day and an adventurer by night, I founded the Spice Goddess to immerse myself — and my fantastic audience — in every country I visit. So far, it’s been over 20 breathtaking destinations around the world!

The Spice Goddess blog represents a lifestyle for a courageous woman who knows what she wants and uses her creativity to learn from and support other businesses while nurturing her own.

And what better way to immerse yourself in the environment than through food, settings, and stories? On every journey I take, you are invited and enveloped by local cuisine, natural wonders, and glamorous getaways!

I am bubbly and spontaneous, keeping me and my audience fully invested and creative with my collaborators. When challenges arise as they so often do along the journey, I know nothing will stop my persevering nature to learn as I go and get the job done.

I give back to the local communities in the countries I visit and inspire my audience to do the same. My work is a commitment to the brands I feature, and Spice Goddess only features brands that I can personally connect with. My faith and culture are integral to the Spice Goddess brand identity. My audience values my authenticity and I strive to deliver content that truly reflects Verushka, the Spice Goddess.

As a content creator, I am committed to showcasing the delights and stories of your country, featuring your brand. Let’s give your business the right exposure to an invested global audience. Feel free to email me on


Latest News & Resources

Magical Mpumalanga Shotleft

Magical Mpumalanga Shotleft

I love travel and I can not lie ! So when the team from Shotleft asked me to join their #GimmeSummerShotleft campaign to Mpumalanga I said YES ! Having never visited this province I was keen to explore but also to be on the road again.I made a promise to myself to...

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Spicy Seafood Chowder Recipe

Spicy Seafood Chowder Recipe

American Food Shows have really been playing on my mind recently.So on a trip to Mossel Bay I saw seafood chowder on the menu it was a sign to try this.A seafood chowder can best be described as a seafood mix in a creamy thick sauce with potato and sweetcorn.On my...

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