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About Me

The Spicegoddess Blog started from very humble beginnings and has evolved along the way to become a point of reference for many locally and globally. Currently I am lecture at a local TVET College and is the Travel and Tourism Department. My passion for travel and education has become a labour of love for this blogger as all my days and time is spent in the world of travel.

After living abroad in London for almost a decade of which most of my free time was spent travelling, I returned to South Africa and discovered  a new found love and appreciation for my home country and my cultural heritage. It was at this point in 2010 the SpiceGoddess Blog was born as a platform to share my world  with the world.Finding a name for my blog was rather a difficult task and it did take me ages. The name of my blog is inspired by a book and a movie called Mistress of the Spices.The movie is based around a Spice shop in America that sells Indian spices and a beautiful woman who works there. So it kind of made sense to keep the Spice bit and add Goddess to it and hence SpiceGoddess was born. When I was moving my blog and knew that a logo was needed my friend came up with the perfect design which fitted in with the whole feel of my blog.Over time as my brand has evolved and grown so to has the blog had various makeovers.

Hi There!

Over the years Verushka has rediscovered her love of travel and become a local tourist in her country. She has also fostered good working relationships with several Tourism boards and continues to promote the destinations she has visited. Verushka has worked most recently with Mauritius Tourism covering their 50th Independence celebrations. A group of South African media were invited to cover this prestigious event. During her time on the island Verushka posted regularly on Social Media creating a buzz about the island and on her return has produced content on the island which included the UNESCO World Heritage site the Apavarsi Ghat which was the place that the Indentured Labourers from India were brought to work on the sugar cane fields on the island. Verushka has also been featured on two radio shows about this specific trip.

Dubai Tourism invited the SpiceGoddess in 2017 with a group of African Media to experience the Dubai Shopping Festival and to the Theme parks. This short whirlwind trip was jammed packed with activities. Verushka still continues to share content on her trip and has become a great ambassador for Dubai and has been a part of several Twitter chats on Dubai. Her relationship with Dubai Tourism continues.

In 2016, Verushka was selected as part of a group of 30 International bloggers and content creators to visit the state of Kerala with Kerala Tourism. This 16 day trip Verushka got to travel and explore the several parts of the state and get a taste of Kerala this enabled her to be able to create great content in sharing her experiences.

During 2015, the Spicegoddess was invited on my first trip by Abu Dhabi Tourism. It was here I got to experience life through the eyes of the media.