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Another Birthday has gone …..

Another Birthday has gone …..

Hard to believe that my Birthday in 2016 is over already. I learned so much this year and I want to share my thoughts with you on Birthdays…..

Unlike other years this year, I did not make a Birthday WishList/LustList. The reason for not doing this was because there was nothing I really wanted or needed that I did not have already. So with that in mind, I did not do a list. I was asked by my Aunt in London what I wanted as she was going to be here for my birthday and I did ask for a Tangle Teezer Hairbrush and nothing else. I also kind of figured that if you actually know me you will know my likes and dislikes and there would be no need for a list.

I spent the day rather differently. My day started with all my Social Media platforms buzzing with Birthday Wishes and blessings. In between calls from family and friends. I had over six people sing to me over the phone how lucky am I ?!? I then headed off to the local Cow Goshala which is a Hindu temple which has 6 cows there and a baby calf. After several weeks of passing by without stopping, I decided that on my special day I wanted to feed the cows and offer a prayer to God for another year on this planet.

Then it was time to go to work and see my friends before lecturing. I did not really feel up to going to work but I got up , got dressed and conquered the day. I choose to wear very earthy shades of brown with a statement neckpiece. After all, it was my Birthday and I needed some bling.In true South African taste, my birthday cake was a Milk Tart and Coffee to celebrate my special day.

The day ended with a family dinner which was good to spend time with those who matter.I got home exhausted, tummy full and feeling happy. And it was not because of anything material. If anything this Birthday,I have learned so much about myself and some very important life lessons.
Lessons from my Birthday :

  1. As I get older, I appreciate the small things in life.
  2. Your presence, love, and care in my life mean more than an actual present.
  3. The fact that someone wishes me on whatever platforms or calls me means I matter to them.
  4. I learnt how much I mean to other people and the ones who do not care.
  5. I no longer want to spend time or energy on people who treat me as an option.
  6. A Birthday is a celebration regardless of how big or small.
  7. I am enough.
  8. I matter.

Thank you to everyone who sent me wishes,blessings and gifts. Your every message is appreciated and I value your presence in my life. So 2016 let the good times continue and make this year another set of memories to last a lifetime.
What do you normally do for birthday?
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