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Beauty Talks with the SpiceGoddess

I am by no means a beauty expert or been trained to put on my make up. Over the years , I grown up as a kid watching my mum put on her make up and later watching YouTube videos and reading beauty blogs.
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I always knew from a young age that when I grew up I would use the same make up brand as my mum and yes I do. I came across the great prompt from The Blog Tag on beauty so here goes ….
Blog Tag - Beauty

  1. Beauty Regime pretty straight forward, I use a facial wash followed by a moisturiser then sunblock and Micellar Wipes to remove make up at night.
  2. No I rarely wear makeup to work as I work from midday to 8pm. I only wear make up on special occasions ,events or if I am going to meetings.
  3. Favourite brand would have to be Estee Lauder. Grew up watching mum using the brand and now so to do I.
  4. Make up sins….I do not wash my brushes as often as I should and sometimes I go to sleep without taking my make up off.
  5. In my make up bag you would find a lipstick and a lip gloss,perfume ,mascara, blush ,foundation, make up brushes , face powder ,eye liner.
  6. Lipstick always seems to brighten up a face and finish off a look. I tend to love the darker , deeper berry shades.
  7. No but I always wear waterproof mascara to prevent looking like a Hollywood Extra from a horror show.
  8. Ohhh I would love to dye my hair pink. But I know that  since my hair is so dark I would need to bleach my hair before adding colour.And this means hair damage.
  9. I wash my hair once or twice a week just depends what is going on. I do also keep a can of Bastiste Dry Shampoo.
  10. Eyebrows are totally on fleek !
  11. On my face no but in my colouring book I try.
  12. I thread and get sugaring done. I love these methods of hair removal both are less painful than waxing. Sugaring is a Middle Eastern form of hair removal.
  13. Hmmmm my brand would be called Goddess …..

Quick Fire

  1. Gel
  2. Pencil
  3. Matt
  4. Salon
  5. Straight
  6. Both
  7. Nail Art
  8. Musky
  9. Micellar Wipes

I stick with the brands that I know will suit my skintone. I do experiment with some beauty products from time to time but often go back to my favourites.
Take the Quick Fire test and tell me your beauty  choices in the comments.
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