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Breaking free from Blogger's Block

Yes, it is true we all suffer from the dreaded BB aka Bloggers Block. From time to time it rears its ugly head leaving us feeling exhausted , fustrated and like death.BUT there are a few simple ways to prevent getting Bloggers Block. What is BB you may ask ? Well it is a condition where a blogger/writer is unable to write the words no longer flow and there is no inspiration. With BB one can sit for ages and not write a single word. Help is on hand and this can be cured.
I write this post from a personal point of view. As I too have suffered from BB at somepoint or the other.The tips I will be sharing are all tried and tested and trust me you will thank me later.
10 Tips to Cure Bloggers Block

  1. Always carry a notebook around to jot down potential blog ideas. I often make notes on my phone. Recently I set up a different email account where I send half worked on posts and press releases to. So literally I have an inbox/cupboard of ideas and posts waiting to be used.
  2. Read and then read some more. I read on average 15 blogs a day from bloggers around the world. These blogs give me ideas and inspiration to blog. Reading newspapers and books be it novels or recipe books always provide food for thought.I have written blog posts on books I have read.So what ever your blog type you can review a book for example A food blog review a cook book or a beauty blogger reviewing a book on the History of make up.
  3. Take a break from writing do something different and outside of your comfort zone.And then write about it .
  4. Interviewing people is a great method of writing a blog post. On my blog, I have a series called #LocalisLekker where I interview local business owners. I have a list of set questions which I send off to them and like that my stock of interviews are lined up.
  5. Check draft posts. I often start blog posts and often dont complete them but save them as drafts. So go look for the hidden gems.
  6. Guest blog posts. Ask bloggers to write guest posts for your blog. A great way to create new traffic to the blog.
  7. Create a schedule for writing.Currently my blog is a lifestyle blog, so on different days I cover different topics i.e Tuesdays are #TuesdayTruth which are motivational posts while Fridays are #LocalisLekker with my local business features.These give my blog and me direction.Am currently working on adding more days.
  8. A round up post. These are great as you  can share links to the most popular posts on your blog.
  9. A post where you share the links to your favourite bloggers.Tag them and in this way you create more blog traffic.

10. When I get really into a no words mode, I tend to write a “Life Lately ” post.The prompts used here are:
At the moment , yesterday, these days,I believe ,I am convinced , I  am looking forward to..
Easy prompts to get those creative juices flowing again.
keepcalm and blog on
Directions to Cure Bloggers block are listed above.Please read carefully and try and follow to prevent this illness from spreading.If the condition persists please contact a fellow blogger from more advice.
PS. the 1 bonus treatment I found recently is taking up the 30 Day Blog Challenge with Sarah and Kevin Arrow. More details can be found here Sign up I dare you and watch your blog and your writing grow daily.
What do you do when you have no inspiration for blogging? I would love to hear your pearls of wisom.
Be Inspired !
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