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Life Update 18.1

Life Update 18.1

It seems like we were just welcoming 2018 and now she is almost on her way out. The days seems to fly by and lets not even talk about weekends that whizz by like a Usain Bolt doing the 100 metre sprint. As I get older I start to appreciate lazy weekends, going to bed at a decent hour, enjoying a cup of tea in bed and reading a book. But unfortunately I can dream on about many of these because life happens while you busy making plans.

At start of 2018, I wrote a post about setting various goals

So for the first half of 2018:

  • I headed off an MSC Cruise with my Mum for 5 days to the Portuguese Islands .It was my second time on a cruise and Mum’s first. It was such a fantastic time away and a much needed time away for both of us.
  • While on the cruise I got a media invite to attend the 50th Independence Day celebrations for Mauritius. It was such a fantastic second trip to the island and I got to see so much more as well as travel with some pretty awesome media people from South Africa.
  • During the Easter Break I headed off to the Midlands Meander for a few days of utter relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I also got to spend time at Karkloof Safari in the company of Peter Meyer who was my personal guide for the day as we chatted about his book and his life growing up at Karkloof. Brahman Hills and the Midlands Kitchen got a revisit from me and as always amazing service and delicious food.I also headed to Fordoun and really did not want to check out.
  • For my birthday in April I was able to tick off a bucket list wish and got to travel aboard Rovos Rail to Cape Town. I felt like I was stepping back in time and I loved this experience.
  • In June , Mum and I had a staycation and stayed the weekend at the Capital Pearls in Umhlanga, we dined at 14 on Chartwell, had some pampering at La Vita Spa and ended the weekend with High Tea at the Oyster Box another Bucket list tick for me.
  • My blog was hacked and has been giving me endless dramas for most of the month of JULY , so hence me not blogging much at all. However the blog is back with a makeover we aare still working at it. There will be a blog post soon on my dramas. Have you noticed anything new on the blog?

Personal Goals :

I worked on:

  • Getting more sleep.
  • Letting go of things which no longer serve me.
  • Reading more.
  • Spending time with my mum.
  • Working on my blogging.
  • Tried healthy eating choices.
  • Increased my water intake.
  • Started going to bed at a decent hour.
  • Increased my savings.
  • Preparing more meals at home.
  • Cutting down on screen time.
  • Curbing my shopping habits.


I had a lazy morning followed by breakfast made by mum and then a Sunday at the movies. We watched a movie that was so not my cup of tea but was grateful to spend the time with my mum. For dinner we opted for pizza such a lazy Sunday. I managed to get to bed rather early and was asleep by 10pm but my sleep broke at 4am. However I did feel refreshed and ready to take on the last few days of July.






At the moment …..

I am currently at work, preparing the new term ahead. Looking forward to new classes and new students. Trying desperately to drink more water as the cold weather here has me drinking more tea and coffee. I have a crazy few weeks ahead with my calendar already with dates booked in October I know right how can that even be a thing. I have a new phone so busy trying to figure out how everything works. So far so good and of course the camera is amazing. There seems to be a lot of adulating happening in my life right now and at times it seems a tad bit overwhelming.


We are currently in the process of downsizing and moving into a flat from a house. For the last 6 months I have been decluttering , donating and getting rid of things. I used to be rather sentimental about stuff but time and experience has taught me the valuable lesson of letting go. Most of stuff has found new homes and my wardrobe is getting boxed away so currently living out of an almost capsule wardrobe which is not too bad actually and maybe I should keep my wardrobe this way. It is also coming up to my Gran’s 11 month memorial and it is such a stark reminder of how life has carried on and yet still I miss her every day.

These days….

I find I NEED more hours in my day and there is always something to do every single day. So time has become a very precious commodity in my life and I find I know have to choose how to spend my time because of how little I have. Between my work , the blog and family commitments there seems to not be much free time like I had before. For the first time I have noticed just how small my circle has become and for once in my life I am ok with it. I have found my tribe and I love them hard regardless of where in the world they are. I have become more grateful for the lessons and blessings that life has thrown my direction. Taking pictures of me used to be a big no no but I have now noticed that I take a lot more pictures of myself and I am willing to share them online. I have realised that if I do not blow my own horn about my work/blog then who will do it on my own behalf and often I have missed out blogging opportunities because I was not there to promote me.

I know …..

That the second half of 2018 is going to be pretty awesome and filled with all sorts of adventures .This semester at work tends to be very busy as it is much shorter than the first one. So mentally trying to prefer for this busy time ahead. The warmer weather also means it is time to become more health conscious and of course start walking again no excuse of it is too dark .I am excited for what the month will bring.


I am convinced…

That nothing lasts forever and the clock will turn. So keep patient and keep doing what you do and in the end it will all work out just the way it is meant to be. Patient I shall be and wait for the clock to turn.

I wish …..

That August is filled with lots of adventures and wonderful surprises. I wish to start becoming even more conscious of the world and my carbon footprint and start living more sustainable.


So as I bid goodbye to July , I go into August I enter the new month filled with hope , positivity and the promise of an amazing few months to come. The year has been filled with a mixture of lessons and blessings all of which I am totally grateful for each one , so taking all these  into account I HAVE


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