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Foschini Summer Yacht Party #WeSaluteYou

Foschini Summer Yacht Party #WeSaluteYou

A few weekends ago I headed off to Cape Town for literally 24 hours with my girls or should I say my tribe. No one really knew how or why as I did not say much on Social Media.

Why was I in Cape Town ?

In August during Women’s Month in South Africa, Foschini a retail brand ran a giveaway to win tickets to a Yacht Party. I love entering competitions and entered but I forgot about it all until I received a notification on Facebook telling me that I was one of the chosen winners. To enter all one had to do was ¬†share an image and celebrate those who inspire them and why. For my entry I did a collage of Mum and I explained why I celebrate having her in my life everyday.I was over the moon and rather excited and this is why.

I had won …

  1. 5 Tickets to the Foschini Summer Yacht Party in Cape Town.
  2. Included in the prize were return tickets for me and my four friends.

I decided to invite my cousins to join me as well as my inspiration Mum and an Aunt. Once all details were confirmed we decided to make a weekend out of it in Cape Town and take in some of the beautiful sights and sounds of the Mother City.

Preparation for the trip was needed as it was an all White Yacht Party and it was the perfect excuse to head off shopping. After many trips to the mall I decided on a White Lace Dress. A mid morning flight meant an early start to the day. We arrived in Cape Town in high spirits ready to sail away.
A private chauffeur drove us to the dock where our stunningly beautiful yacht awaited us. Welcomed by the fantastic team we boarded a spectacular luxurious white yacht for an incredible afternoon surrounded by amazing women. Endless glasses and bubbly were literally on tap as we headed out the harbour get glimpses of Cape Town. Mother Nature was totally in her element showing off Cape Town.

Trays upon trays of delicious canapes arrived and these paired well with our cocktails. A formal welcome was done and am explanation of why this competition was run. Basking in the Cape sunshine surrounded by glamorous women my heart-felt happy.

Pearls of Wisdom on a Yacht :

During the speeches a lot of emphasis was put on woman supporting woman and the importance of having you tribe.

  1. Surround yourself with positive women.
  2. Your tribe will always be your tribe regardless.
  3. Give gratitude for your tribe.
  4. Support one and other.
  5. Be kind to others.
  6. Make a difference to the lives of others.
  7. Share good and bad times.

And then it was time to learn some salsa moves from two of Cape Town’s finest Salsa instructors. This was so much fun even though I kept messing up the steps

When was the last time you ?

  1. Put away your phone?
  2. Danced like no one was watching ?
  3. Laughed till your cheeks hurt?
  4. Sang along loudly without a care in the world?

Well I did all that and felt so fabulous enjoying the moment especially with my tribe. Often we do forget just how beautiful our lives really are and we do need a reminder.

Tribe Code 101:

1. Be selective in who you let into your tribe.
2. Make time for your Tribe.
3. Celebrate each others successes.
4. Be a shoulder to cry on when needed.
5. Remind each other of the power within each one to live their dreams.

This #WeSaluteYou Yacht party was a powerful reminder of sisterhood and gratitude. Thank you Foschini for this fantastic experience one that will definately be in my cupboard of happiness for a long time.
Do you have a Tribe ?
Be Inspired !

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