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Dating and The Spice Goddess

YES it is true the Spice Goddess is indeed a Singleton! I have been single for roughly six years now since returning from London. I have not really gotten into the Dating Game and have found it rather difficult to meet someone.One of my favourite books deals with life as a Singleton Indian Girl with all the dramas that come with it My favourite read …
Dating - SpiceGoddess
With our fast paced lives it is no  surprise that many turn to online dating in search of finding a partner. So for the last few months I have spent time on three such sites each with their own positives and  negatives.

3 Dating Sites

  1. Tinder  – swipe left , swipe right. A simple platform to potentially meet a partner within your location. I often like to login wherever I am to see potentials in that area. positives include the feature of seeing common friends and having a snoop of their Instagram account. It is also easy to unmatch a contact if you aren’t liking the conversation. Negative is that like every dating site you will find the weirdos and fake profiles. I am rather sceptical so I ask a lot of questions and tend to not believe everything.
  2. – a dating site for those who want to get married. This site was suggested to me by my mother ages ago so I set up a profile and forgot about it however from time to time emails pop into my inbox and I am sent potential partners. Negatives most of the men are from India and most do not speak English. Yet again there are also fake profiles online and men trying to scam women. The only positive is that you can tailor your search and requirements in terms of a partner. So this site is defo not for the me.

3.Zoosk – a dating app that is          always advertised on Facebook. Fake   profiles galore. I started chatting to a guy whose picture on his profile was rather distorted via email. When I asked for a pic he sent them to me BUT the problem was it was pics of a guy I actually know and is well known in the Indian community. I politely thanked him for his pics and told him I actually knew the guy whose pics he had sent and like that he disappeared.


  1. Be careful when using online dating sites not everything is as it seems.
  2. Fake profiles are common.
  3. Do not take anything seriously.
  4. I am rather cautious of online dating and sometimes think the idea of an arranged marriage is not a bad idea.

A few weeks ago had a great prompt on Dating which I never got a chance to do. So am adding it to this post.
The Blog Tag / Dating
1.High School Crush ?
“My High School crush hmm well it would have to be the Hollywood Heart Throb Tom Cruise. I recall having huge posters of him on my bedroom wall. I probably watched Top Gun and Cocktail over a million times and still watch it even now.”
2. What age did I start dating ?
” I was rather late into the dating game and only started when I was 17. Boys were always my friends as I can be a tomboy.
3. How many dates before it is official? 
” I think between 3 to 5 dates. I would need to be very certain before I change my Facebook Status.”
4. Who pays on a date ?  
” I am a modern woman with old fashioned ways. I believe both should pay.”
5. Most romantic date ?
“Years ago in London a then BF now ex planned an amazing first date after chatting to me for two weeks. It was in Autumn which is rather beautiful in London with leaves changing colours, a date was planned in one of my favourites parts of London , in Greenwich. This spot has the charm of old fashioned markets ,cobblestone roads and Greenwich Park which is home to the  Greenwich Meridian Line. After a walk through the narrow streets and markets we headed off to the park with a quick stop at the car to pick up a bag and a basket. After finding a beautiful spot with an amazing view , he set up the picnic blanket with cushions and a rug to cover with. Out of the basket he pulled out a bottle of champagne real glasses ,strawberries,chocolate and a hookah. I was blown away by how organised he was and loved our first date.”
6.Most Romantic thing I have done?
“I am a soppy romantic and when I am in a relationship I do all sorts to make the person I am with feel special. I was getting to know someone after weeks of calls ,meetings and texts it was his birthday. I planned an Afternoon High Tea for him at home with all his favourite sweet treats. I got him an array of gifts which included one of his fav reads which he did not own Breakfast at Tiffanys. He was a huge fan of Banksy so I made him a Birthday card that was actually a book of Banksy quotes and images. The last gift was a USB the story behind this was a movie we both had spoken about which he had not seen called Textuality. The movie was about relationships online and how a USB is the new mixed tape. On the USB was two movies Textuality and Breakfast at Tiffanys.”

Quick Fire

  1. Restaurant vs Takeaway                      ” Depends on my mood but I prefer cooking rather than a takeaway. Restaurants for special occasions.”
  2. Outdoor vs Spa                                        ” Outdoor in the Summer and Spa in the Winter.”
  3. Speed dating vs Online                          ” Speed dating kind of scares me but hope to try it out at some point for now I will wade through with the online world of dating. “
  4. Coffee shop vs Bar                                  ” Love coffee shops perfect relaxed atmosphere. I find bars to noisy and this makes it impossible to talk especially on a date. “
  5. Younger vs Older                                    ” I tend to date younger guys I find older guys boring.”
  6. Kiss or Hug on 1st date ?                      ” A hug most defo a kiss on the cheek only if I feel comfortable.”
  7. Looks or Personality ?                           ” A combination of both is good. There also has to be chemistry. “

The life of a singleton has its moments. As a romantic I would love to meet someone amazing who does take my breath away. I will not give up ! Love appears when you least expect or so I have been told.
What is your idea of a romantic date ? Do you have any  tips on Dating for me ?
Be Inspired !
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