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The Life Lately of the SpiceGoddess

And just like that we are at the end of the semester and June is literally over. It has been a rather busy month and  still a few days left to go and lots still to do. Work , Blog and Family have kept me rather busy with not enough hours in my day. Take a peek into my world and find what about my Life Lately….
Durban Sunrise
At the moment ….

I am having a lazy Sunday morning. The weather in Durban finally has the chill of winter and this is my favourite season. I am currently enjoying a cup of tea in bed while writing this blog post. There is something rather indulgent with having a cup of tea in bed. *Dear Future Husband please take note.


My uncle came to visit and I love when he visits as he always wants to find out about me and what is going on with me. He is also one of my Cheerleaders who always celebrates my successes and gives me advice on how to work through certain tricky situations. And let us not forget that we both share an Ink addiction. I managed to catch up on some reading something I have been putting off for months because of my crazy schedule.

I am looking forward ….

officially I am on holiday from my day job. Yipee this means more time to blog. This year my lecturing load changed and I am now teaching Travel and Tourism which is so interesting and is a perfect dose of medication for my wanderlust so I will be spending time preparing for the new term. I have a few exciting things happening which I will share all in good time. So make sure you are following me on my various Social Media platforms.
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These days ….

I  have been taking thing rather easy and having some much needed “me time” . With all my time constraints I stopped watching series ,something I rather enjoyed. So for the last three weeks I have started and finally got around to watching Downton Abbey (all six seasons) and Quantico. Totally loved both these series and now currently watching Whitney. I am finally getting in more sleep which is amazing and my body is thanking me for this.

I believe …..

Exciting days lay ahead of me. New opportunities await me and that the remainder of 2016 is going to be rather special in more than just one way. I still believe in Romance and believe my Knight in Shining Armour is on his way though I must admit , I have been stumbling across some retards in Tinfoil masquerading as Knights.

I am convinced ….

More than ever that when you want something the whole Universe conspires to make it come true. Dreams can become a reality but hardwork and dedication is needed. Moral of the story never give up on what sets your soul on fire.
Buddha Quote

 I Know ….

  1. Good always overcomes evil.
  2. Never give up.
  3. Be a kind human always.
  4. Letting Go is needed.
  5. Take Chances

So tell me what has been happening in your world.
Be Inspired!
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