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Marharba November

And with what seems like a blink of an eye, we are now one month closer to saying Farewell 2015. But it also means we have the chance to make each day that remains amazing. For me personally this time of year is rather busy with exams,end of year events and the dreaded marking. Marharba November ! I welcome you to my world.
Marharba November
Marharba is the Arabic word that is used to greet someone. It was during my London days that my love for the Arabic language and culture began. And along with culture came the food and music. Most people found it rather strange that an Indian girl from South Africa wanted to learn to speak Arabic and listened to Arabic music. One of ways to learn a language is to listen to music in that language and believe me soon you will be able to speak another language. Alas I have forgotten most of the Arabic but some day I hope to be able to speak it again….
Dearest November
Marhaba and welcome to my Life. I have the feeling you are going to be more than amazing and will leave me breathless. 30 days to be kind to me and to leave me with countless memories.
November your sisters before you have spoilt me with fantastic opportunities and memories. So you have big heels to fill BUT I got a feeling you are going to make it a month filled with out of this world memories.
I am looking forward to the remaining months of 2015. This year has been filled so far with so many fantastic lessons and blessings. And indeed 2015 has been a year to remember.
So use the next 30 days to be thankful, grateful and kind. Watch the miracles unfold in your life. Have a mindblowing November.Are you looking forward to anything special this month? I am and I will share it with my readers in the next week.
Be Inspired !
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