Welcome Baby Chai

In the second week of July , I received my second gorgeous furry addition to my family.Last June I was gifted Zara by my cousin Karmani after falling in love with the puppies on the farm.I have never been a dog person , as a kid I was almost bitten by a dog and that kind of left me terrified.But all that changed when Zara entered my life..

So when I¬† found out my other cousin Maleesha’s dog had pups instantly I knew I needed to get a playmate for Zara.Then came the big task of giving her a name.Before I picked her up I was racking my brain for a name.I wanted a different yet cute name.Then I came up with the genius name of Chai, ¬†translated means tea in hindi and as its my fav drink I thought why not.

Chai was born at the end of April so like my self and Zara she shares our birthday month. Chai is half Labrador half Rottiwellier. Her nature is very different to Zara she is much calmer.At first Zara was not keen about having Chai around and we had to constantly watch them so that Zara wouldn’t bite Chai.

Now they are greatest of buddies, learning tricks, playing together and relaxing on their bed.Chai follows Zara all over and is like Zara’s mini me.I love how they both are so adorable.They bring so much joy to our family though mum insists Chai is too much work she secretly loves her.

Have you got any pets ?

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