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My Mobile Office

To say I am in love with Social Media and technology is an understatement.
My day job doesn’t afford me the luxury of WiFi or even a computer.At times I feel like a bag lady carrying around my handbag and my work bag with textbooks,magazines and stationery.

My trusty Blackberry is my mobile office.Its rather difficult to believe all the things I do or have done from just using my phone.From blogging to tweeting to contacting companies this mobile office has done it all.The pictures it takes are rather good and I can instantly tweet them.Last year I bought a rather expensive battery pack only for it now to no longer charge. So yes I do carry around my charger and adapter at all times.
To add to my woes my laptop died 5 months ago. Cause of death – brother and his gf borrowed it and now its dead. So more and more have I come to depend on my mobile office to fulfill all my needs.I am pretty impressed with all I have done with my phone.Tho I do miss a large screen to work from and watching my series.

Thank you my mobile office for been faithful and fulfilling my techno needs.Hopefully it won’t be for much longer that I abuse you so much.

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