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2020 Goals- we ready to get things done and not be left behind

2020 Goals- we ready to get things done and not be left behind

2020 crept up upon us rather quickly and already we are into the 27th day of 2020.  I have already been at work for over  two  weeks,am preparing for my 1st exam and have attended 3 days of lectures.2020 has started with a bang and kept me on my toes already.

Just the numbers 2020 have got me all excited as my birthday is the 20 April and 2O is my lucky number.So let’s just say I got a good feeling about 2020.According to the Chinese calendar it is the year of the Rat.The Rat though seen by many as a pest but to the Chinese they are first sign in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar but are lucky for wealth,marriage and fertility.Oh well sounds exactly like all the needed for a good life.


As 2019 closed I realised that it was time to say farewell to more than just a year but a decade of lessons and blessings.I feel that the the last decade was preparing me to take on the new decade with it challenges.As I get older my focus has become more about goals rather than resolutions and self care seems to play a vital point in my everyday life.Oddly enough as I look back on the various years and the goals some goals remain the same.So as I set my intentions and goals for this new year I am mindful of things I am still working on.I have broken my goals into a few groups.

2020 Health Goals

1.Eat healthy.

2.Increase my water intake.

3.Do more physical activity and yes I signed to a gym and plan on going twice a week.

4.Decrease eating out.

5.Increase my fruit & vegetable intake.

2020 Blog Goals

1.Write 4 blog posts a month.

2. Work on my Pinterest.

3.Increase my social media followings.

4.Work on getting more paid work.

5.Start my youtube channel.

6.Take vlogging more seriously and create more video content.

7.Invest in a DSLR camera.

2020 Travel Goals

1.Travel more locally in South Africa.

2.Travel into Africa.

3.Travel to Asia a continent I have never been on.

4.Work on getting invited on press trips locally and globally.


2020 Me Time Goals

1.Read more books.

2.Try to regulate my sleep patterns.


4.Surround myself with those who are my cheerleaders.

5.A social media detox every now and again.



Dearest 2020,

Hello there ,welcome I am super excited that you have arrived.There is just something rather magical about 2’s and 0’s.The decade before was filled with so many exciting adventures ,lessons and blessings and I know that this decade will be filled with all sorts of magic and more.

I feel stronger and braver to take on the world.Universe I am open to love,adventures and enough of everything and plus some more.I want to practise more gratitude daily ,be open to new experience and to fall in love with my life,the world and to be loved.I want to become a better person than I was yesterday and hope to inspire others to be kinder humans and make the world a better.

My wish for you is that your 2020 goals and dreams  become a reality and your life is filled with enough.

Be Inspired !



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