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2018 Goals,Dreams and a sprinkle of magic

2018 Goals,Dreams and a sprinkle of magic

And just like that 2018 has arrived and the first week of the month has ended. I head back to work this week so I thought this was the perfect time to write this post.The festive season is always a difficult time of year especially if you have lost loved ones as the “empty chair” is more noticable.The New Year becomes even more difficult for our family find out why here.
So with the start of a New Year ,one becomes hopeful and rather positive with resolutions and changes one feels will benefit them.I personally do not like the word resolution but prefer goal instead.I startedf this last year.

The magic of 2018

Everyone who I have crossed paths with the last few days of the new year seems very positive about the year ahead and have almost a switch in mindset putting their health and well-being as a priority.Some time ago I wrote a post about an Empty Cup and why we need to look after ourselves ,it is a post I often visit and share.I too personally am rather excited and filled with hope for all that 2018 will bring,2017 was an interesting year  .

According to numerology and several astrologers the number 8 is a very special number and here is why :
1.Signifies infinity.
2.Symbol of harmony and balance.
3.Portrays abundance.
4.In China it is a lucky number and 8 is a homonym for prosperity.
5.It is a symbol of inner strength and determination.
6.The eight day of the Chinese New Year is the day for the annual gathering of all the God’s in heaven.
7. In the Bible 8 represents a new beginning.
8.Eight is the total number of Chakras of the man, counting the seven in correlation with the physical body, plus an additional working in the etheric body. This eighth Chakra is known as being “the Chakra of the Soul” or “the Star Chakra”. It would be located approximately 7 to 10 centimeters above of the Crown Chakra.
So with so much positivity and possibilities it is kind of hard not to feel that 2018 is going to be really a good year.

My 2018 goals

1.Streamlining my life in all aspects to work smarter and not harder.
2.Focus on what makes me happy.
3.Invest in my life.
4.Aim for a healthy body ,mind and soul.
5.Declutter my life.
6.Be conscious of my thoughts and words.
7.Learn something new.
8.Live each day with gratitude.
Now these are all pretty broad goals for 2018 so now I will go into a bit more detail for the different aspects of my life.

2018 Blog Goals

1.Increase my Social Media followings on all my platforms.
2.Write 3 to 4 posts a month.
3.Get paid work.
4.Sort out my media kit.
5.Increase my networks in terms of PR companies and getting more sponsors.
6.Spend time learning SEO and Canva.
7.Write guest posts and collaborations with other bloggers.
8. Comment on atleast 10 different blogs a month and respond to the comments on my own blog.

2018 Health Goals

1.Take my medication and not skip days.
2.Drink more water and cut down on sugary drinks.
3.Increase my fruit and veg intakes.
4.Cut down on eating out.
5.Start exercising.
6. Decrease my red meat consumption.
7.Become more conscious of what I put into my body.
8.Start cutting down on sweet treats.

2018 Travel Goals

1.Discover more locally.
2.Visit another African country.
3.Become more actively involved in promoting South Africa to the world.
4.Tick of something from my never-ending Bucket List there will be a whole post on that.
5.Travel abroad to at least two different countries this year.

2018 Work Goals

Besides my blog I have a full-time day job as a lecturer so these goals are about my job.
1.Work smarter not harder.
2.Work ahead of deadlines.
3.Do not stress about what I can not  change.
4.Work on what is important.
5.End of the day to remember it is just a job and not my life.

 2018 Daily Life Goals

1.Switch off from time to time.It is ok not to be online all the time.
2. Read every day , reading is power.
3. Meditation and quite time.
4. Be in the moment and not be carried away with the world.
5. Start a gratitude jar/journal and write down at least one thing I am grateful for each day.
6.Spring Clean my wardrobe bit by bit and get rid of clothes,shoes and bags.Will donate these to a charity have already started doing this over the festive season.
7.Become more conscious of my thoughts,words and deeds.
8.Smile more and take lots of photographs.

2018 Saving Goals

1.Before one can start saving one needs to off their debts.This includes store cards and credit cards.
2.Set up a savings account with a direct debit from your current account.
3.Do not be blinded by the Sale signs.
4.Buy only what is necessary.
5.Take a packed lunch to work.
6.Stop buying bottled water.
7.Stop using plastic straws.
8.Become more conscious of saving the environment.

Dearest 2018

This year more than ever I believe that this will be the year of dreams turning into reality.I feel very positive about the year ahead and know that the year will be filled with all sorts of magic.
2018 ,has started off on a good footing and I have not written the incorrect date so defo winning already.I am surrounding myself with all things positive and putting only good vibes into the universe.I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be my year for so many reasons.The ball and momentum of 2018 has started and there is no slowing down and best part is that I am ready to start turning goals and dreams into reality.
From the latter part of 2017 ,I started decluttering my life in more than one way.I finally figured out what was important to me and my life and cut off all the other noise in my life.Already I am feeling the positivity of my decisions and I know this is just the start of greater things to come.
Dear Universe I am ready for 2018 and all the magic to unfold each month.Using all the lessons from the past I feel more equipped to cope and tackle the year ahead.
My dearest readers ,I wish you a wonderful 2018.A year filled with magic and dreams becoming a reality. The best is yet to come.
Be Inspired !


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