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Life Lately Edition 17.1

Life Lately Edition 17.1

My Life Lately has been all over the place with so much happening. Some days I don’t know if I am Arthur or Martha. So I decided to give you guys a glimpse into my Life Lately edition17.1.
Life Lately 17.1
My real job is that I am a Lecturer at a local College. For the last few years , I have been working the evening shift meaning I start at midday day and finish at eight at night. The area that the college is situated at is not too kosher at night as it is in a semi industrial area. Anyways after years of this routine everything has changed and now I work normal hours, starting at half seven finishing at three in the afternoon. Now this defo has some perks :

  1. Getting home while it is bright.
  2. Seeing my friends at work.
  3. Spending time in the evening with my family.
  4. I can now even attend some evening events.
  5. And on  the workfront I am extending my learning and experiences.

So it has taken a few weeks for me to get adjusted to the new routines. Besides the time difference I am now lecturing several different subjects within the Tourism and Hospitality departments including a practical cooking session something I have not done in ages. Getting used to everything is taking much longer than I expected BUT I am trying to stay positive and keep smiling while I work through it all.
Life Lately 17.1 / work
And within that time so much has happened, I headed off to Dubai for my 1st Media Trip of 2017 which was rather exciting 48 hours of fun in Dubai . I still have lots to write about my time in Dubai.The trip for Dubai happened rather suddenly and was in the midst of student strikes so the college was closed. My time in Dubai was literally go go go for the 48 hours I was there and coming back I was rather exhausted but there was no time to rest as work beckoned.
Life Lately 17.1 / Dubai
And then like that February aka #LoveMonth arrived and I shared all month on Instagram things that I love. Have you checked out my IG account ? and look for the #LoveMonth hashtag to see what I posted. Valentine’s weekend the folks from Durban Tourism invited me tp experience Durban different on a train Chasing Trains in Durban on The Holiday Express.
The Holiday Express / Love
Every single weekend there seems to be something going on from weddings ,family functions to running errands. The weather here in South Africa has been on boiling mode leaving me melting. Coupled with how busy I am and the weather I was literally running on low but as per always refused to give in until two weeks ago when my body shutdown.
I woke up with an extremely sore throat and ears and Mum immediately insisted a visit to the Doctor was needed. Normally I protest and hate injections but this time lifeless me just gave in. I was diagnosed with a viral infection and a severe case of laryngitis. After two injections and what felt like a ton of medication, I headed home to rest and cover.During my time away from work all I did was sleep, watch TV and take my medication  all on repeat mode. I  am still not 100% better but I am on the road to recovery. Counting down two weeks till the end of the college term , so I am looking forward to the break as well as my birthday month is coming up.
Life Lately 17.1 / Dubai 2

Yesterday …..

I spent the day doing something rather different. I attended a gathering of a Women’s Circle , yes I see those ??? but let me explain. Forty years ago the women in the community that I live in formed a social club ,a place for them to learn new skills, do community work and most of all a place of safety for their sisterhood. Mum became apart of this group as a new bride and over the years these amazing ladies have all kept in touch and meet from time to time for a catch up.All of these ladies come from different religious and cultural backgrounds but what binds them is their genuine friendship. To me it is like I have more aunties who spoil me as when I arrived as a baby their own kids were much older.  So yesterday I got to spend the day with my aunties eating some of the most amazing food while listening to their stories of the past and realising that I wish I had a circle of friends like this.

At the moment….

My heart is in London after watching the heartbreaking news about the attacks near Westminster. I hope and pray that all my London family and friends are safe and sound. London holds a very special place in my heart for more than one reason.
Life Lately 17.1 #PrayForLondon

Currently ….

I am trying to find my work ,blog ,life balance. It is rather difficult so I am considering starting meditation and Yoga so I can bring some Zen to my life.

These days ….

I wish I had more hours to my day as well as an extra day during the weekend. I find that time is literally flying by BUT then again maybe it true what they say time flies when you are having fun.

I know …

That things will get better and everything works in a cycle. So I just got to keep going but I must look after my

I am convinced…

The world can be better place if we all become kinder humans. Things will eventually all fall into place the way it is meant to be …

I wish …

That I could live in each day filling my life with passion and gratitude. I wish my birthday month April brings me a ton of wonderful surprises…. And I wish Love finds me ….
I hope this post on my Life Lately 17.1 gives you the chance to reflect on how the year has been treating you.  And what needs changing.
Be Inspired !
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