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Category: #TuesdayTruth

Take Chances

Life is way too short to not take a chance and go after your dream. We are often too cautious and do not like to venture outside of our comfort zones.   Every great mind was met with opposition for their “crazy...

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The L Word #TuesdayTruth

Life is way too short to be anything but happy . Being happy means also smiling, living life and laughing out aloud . During my time abroad in Kerala , I really for the first time really understood the true meaning of these 3 L...

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Open Sesame …. #TuesdayTruth

Doorways seem to hold secrets of unknown magic behind them. Fairytales often speak of magical doors which only a secret password will open to another world. Around the world ,there are doors which catch ones attention from the...

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Finding your Sunshine!

We all love sunshine and happy days. These days are reminders of good times and awesome memories. But for us to truly appreciate the sunshine we need to experience some storms ,learn to dance in the rain and create our own...

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Find your Passion #TuesdayTruth

I simply LOVE the word Passion. To me it suggests fiery love, uncontrollable feelings and lost in the moment scenes. Wait hold up that also describes the Romantic within me. The dictionary gives such a small meaning of the word...

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Learning Lifelong #TuesdayTruth

Each day we encounter situations where we are forced to learn something new. Most times this something new is outside of our comfort zone and challenges us mentally and physically. As I get older , I have come to realise that...

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Wisdom from the Greeks #TuesdayTruth

Over the summer holidays, I managed to watch several of my favourite old movies that are on my hard drive. One of the these golden oldies was My Big Fat Greek Wedding. This movie is filled with a barrel of laughs but what stands...

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Stop and smell the Roses !

Flowers are such a beautiful gift from Mother Nature. They come in a variety colours ,sizes , shapes and smells. Even though the flowers are the same all they do is just bloom regardless of everything around them. A good example...

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