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Stop and smell the Roses !

Flowers BloomFlowers are such a beautiful gift from Mother Nature. They come in a variety colours ,sizes , shapes and smells. Even though the flowers are the same all they do is just bloom regardless of everything around them. A good example of this is the Lotus Flower which grows in murky water yet blooms into a beautiful flower and is associated with Hindu Scriptures and Yoga.
There are several lessons we can learn from flowers :

  1. Bloom regardless of your surroundings.
  2. Do not compete with others just live your life and bloom.
  3. Let your beauty be shared with the world.
  4. Bring smiles to the faces of strangers.
  5. Stop and smell the roses and appreciate the world around.
  6. Do not become ugly by your world around you bloom/grow regardless.
  7. There is beauty in all flowers regardless of colour,shape and smell just like how all humans are beautiful regardless of our differences.
  8. Be kind to others even if they can do nothing for you.
  9. Respect all of the creations on this planet be it plants ,animals and humans.
  10. Just be you ,be original do not try to be someone you are not.

I love flowers and often buy a bunch for my mum on a regular basis. Mum has a theory that ” one should buy flowers for their loved ones when they are alive and not dead” The words seem harsh but there is alot of truth in her words. There is just something about having fresh flowers in your home. A bit of Mother Nature inside your home brings a sense of calm and peace into a home.
Now for a secret as much as I love flowers I do not like getting them as a gift. I know you thinking crazy girl BUT there is a reason. If you buy me a bunch of flowers as a gift , the flowers are beautiful and expensive but in a few days time they will dry up and will need to be thrown away. And then nothing remains from the gift. I am very sentimental so when I buy someone a gift I always include something that will be around as a reminder of that occasion. So if you are deciding to buy me flowers please attach a token that I can keep forever. I love orange and dark pink roses and sunflowers just incase you needed to know 😉 What is your favourite flowers ? What do you think of my view ?
Next time you see a bunch of flowers, stop and appreciate the beauty of this creation. Remember the  lessons from these beautiful creations and just BLOOM.
Be Inspired !
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