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Feed me Lindor ! Feed me Lindor

Almost like a memorable love story, I recall vividly the day and year when I had my first taste of Lindt. On the 23 December 2000, I left South Africa for the first time on my own to live and work in London. I was at the Durban International Airport with almost an entourage of family and friends to wish me well on my journey.

The little CNA store at the airport had a few promotional staff handing out samples of this new Swiss Chocolate. I was in no mood to eat it but placed it in my handbag for later. Everyone else could not get over this amazing chocolate from overseas. After boarding the plane with a heavy heart and tears streaming down my face, I opened my handbag to get out some tissues and found hidden at the bottom of my bag 3 shiny red chocolate balls. I opened one and popped this ball into my mouth. It felt like a river of the most divine milk chocolate floating over my tongue. I savoured that taste and moment and saved the other two chocolates for later. Fast forward two years later I visited Zurich in Switzerland and came across these Lindor Red Balls again. Popping one into my mouth again I felt like I was floating away on a Chocolate River.
Lindt Lindor
It was then and there in Zurich I knew that this would be my chocolate of choice for life. My now ex boyfriends knew that the way to sweeten me up was a huge red box of Lindor. On returning to South Africa five years ago I was excited to see my precious Lindor was available and now very popular. So I think it is fair  for me to say I LOVE LINDOR.
So when I received an invite to the Lindt Chocolate Boutique opening, I started recalling that first taste memory of Lindor. However I was unable to attend the event but this is what we now have in Durban.
Lindt has now opened a Lindt Chocolate Boutique in the Gateway Shopping Mall. It is the second Boutique of this kind to be opened in South Africa and is the largest. A wide variety of Lindt products are available in store as well as Africa’s Lindor Pick & Mix Station. So now you can pick a bag of your favourite Lindor and not have to worry about those that you are not keen on eating.
Lindor Pick & Mix Selection
Now to sweeten the experience at the Gateway Lindt Chocolate Boutique you have the chance to WIN a trip for two to Switzerland. Yes ! you heard correctly and all you need to do is spend R100 or more at the new store between the 10th and 31st of December 2015 to stand a chance to WIN. Make sure you visit the store and get your Lindt on and who knows you might win a trip to beautiful Switzerland.
If you are stuck on what to get me for Christmas then a box of Red Lindor is the perfect gift #JustSaying. Which is your favourite Chocolate ? Which Lindt chocolate do you love?
Be Inspired !
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